ICRED International College

In the ICRED International College (IIC) you’ll experience the Holy Grail in pre-university academic training for undergraduate, graduate and advanced research students, supported by related ICRED schools, institutes and academies. The IIC runs the following programmes:

  • Pre-university support for first-degree students
  • Pre-masters’ courses and graduate degree preparation
  • Pre-doctorate courses
  • Further tuition support for BSc and MSc students in our 7E Professors programme
  • Further advanced research training and project supervision support in our Global Tuition and Research Support Services (GLOTRESS) programme.

Our guiding philosophy

We adhere to the creed that great learning and acquisition of the critical thinking mindset crucial for excelling in university and subsequently in the world of work are primarily learned crafts, which can be taught through innovative curricula, instead of innate qualities that learners are born with!

In the IIC we cater for undergraduates on different pathways (direct from A-levels or through top-up programmes in colleges) to first degrees (BSc, BA and BTech) in different disciplines.

We also train and support prospective MSc, MA, MPhil, MBA, PhD and DBA degree students, before they again admission, just about to start their programmes, and while doing the programmes

Why are we then remarkably unique in our offerings?

We use:

  • Innovative and systematic research, teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) strategies;
  • Fun-filled, whole-person, and personalised training of high-achieving students; and
  • Rigorous lecturer and tutor development around what really works in great teaching and research.
  • For each student, we assign a dedicated personal tutor who is trained in our unique ICRED-IIC Ways. This is in addition to all the lecturers that cover different courses in the programmes.

We also run related schemes that support you in addition to training you receive in partner universities all around the world. These schemes are as follows.

Annual International Schools, Conferences and Workshops

We run annual International Schools, Conferences and Workshops, on generic 7E Skills (Expertise, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Development, Employability, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement/Execution) and other technical skills covered in the IIC Programmes.

Participating lecturers, personal tutors, expert academic and professional educationists, education policy makers and regulators gather to explore emerging innovations in research, teaching, learning (TLA), assessments, consulting, and community services, issues with a focus on mastery of deep-theory, deep-practice strategies that prepare you to excel in university work and the world of work.

These engagements enable our students to interact with global experts and thought leaders in their subject areas. It also enables them to hone their understanding of the core principles they learn as part of the IIC Programmes, supported by the different ICRED Schools and Programmes. Please browse these schools in the ICRED website at www.oseluxworldhero3e.com.


  • School of Divinities, Philosophy and Metaphysics of Knowledge Production
  • School of Innovation and Creativity
  • School of 7E Education/7E Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
  • School of Statistics and Information Modelling
  • School of Integrated Business Analytics and Development
  • School of Computing and Information Technologies
  • School of Global Issues and World Systems Linked to 2030/50 UN SDGs
  • School of Global Economics
  • School of Global Business
  • School of Academic and Global Publishing
  • The International Open University (TIOU).


  • Skills for Students, Graduates and Start-Ups (SSGS Academy)
  • International Institute for Advanced Research and Academic Development 7E Professors
  • 7E Master Tutors – which prepares secondary school students for distinctive O- and A-level performance for different examination boards and in different countries
  • Global Tuition and Research Support Services (Glotress, www.glotress.co.uk) – which provides learning and research skills support to enrolled students, especially research students
  • Sigma-Z Consulting (www.sigma-zconsulting.com) – which guides learners in the design and data analysis of their research projects, and additional training on research methods and business development for academics, students and professionals, through two academies
  1. Research Methods Academy –
  2. Business Development Academy
  • International Coding Academy – where students are trained on computer coding skills
  • International Business Analysis Academy (IBAA) – which provides additional training in Business Analysis, a lucrative field whose graduates are in high demand in UK and globally
  • International Institute for Applied Statistics, Data Science & Business Analytics (IIfASDBA) – provides same benefits as the IBAA
  • ICRED School of Continuing Professional Development – coordinates all academic, study skills, and professional training with contributing insights from the above schools and programmes.

For more details or to register online, visit the relevant ICRED menu items and the following website or contact us as noted below