Global Academies

Global 3E Academies

Cutting-edge training in education, business analysis, computing and management consulting

The 3E Academies provides affordable training of the world’s teeming numbers of learners, particularly young pre-university students, university students, graduates, academics and professionals, in modern skills they require to excel in both academic life and the world of work. Work in the academies cover such remits as:

  • 3E Pre-University Education: connecting primary, secondary, further technical, and higher education systems with radical innovation ideas, based on 3E-focused Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century;
  • Links with wider innovations in research, teaching, learning, assessments, consulting, community service, and 3E skills – entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and employability skills;
  • Hence, Model 3E Academies are established to promote 3E skills in affiliate further and higher education institutions in the world, especially universities and polytechnics, and in partnership with national governments;
  • Powered by graduate research in the 3Es up to PhD levels;
  • 3E Superb Tutors for secondary O-Level and A-Level Maths, Chemistry, and other key subjects, which will best current provisions in other teaching companies, for example Tutora, Kaplan, and Study Group;
  • International College: 3E International Higher Education College, which provides international university students requisite A-level Plus preparations in their chosen fields; to include/connect grassroots work in 3E Secondary & Further Education Links (3E SFE Links);
  • 3E International Coding School, see more notes in 3E Technologies;
  • 3E International Business Analysis Academy, see more notes in 3E Technologies;
  • Specialist 3E Mathematics Schools and 3E Maths Doctor initiatives;
  • the college will also help the students to develop much-needed skills for students, graduates and start-ups (SSGS), see a separate section on SSGS in the website; and
  • Global Tuition and Research  Support System (GLOTRESS) skills, according to their levels, preferred courses and future careers;
  • The College will also provide Internships & Mentoring services to the students;
  • Global Capacity Building: International Schools, Conferences, Symposia, Roundtables, Workshops & Seminars, Research and Enterprise Development Short-courses, Certificates, Diplomas and Degree Programmes (up to PhDs), Related training from all 3E Schools and their
  • Doctoral Training Centres and Colloquia (DTCC);
  • SSGS: Skills for Students, Graduates & Start-Ups
  • Internships & Mentoring: 3E Global Academies, Student and Professional Internships, Mentorships, Life Coaching, and Apprenticeships, linked to universities and industry sectors
  • GLOSSTRA (Global Strategic Services & Training) which delivers integrated management consulting of the same ilk as McKinsey, for example; and
  • Advanced Fellowship Programmes: 3E Advanced Research Methods Fellowship Programmes and specialist PhD-level fellowships in the different 3E schools;
  • Emerging capacity building work in partnership with other stakeholders.