7E Master Tutor/ Professors

7E Professors

Distinctive study skills and tutoring in academic writing for university students

This is a service that complements the research methods support we provide in GLOTRESS (www.glotress.co.uk) to students who are working on their projects.

As noted in the GLOTRESS section of this website and the GLOTRESS website, undergraduates and postgraduate students are not properly taught in some modules and universities, due to inadequate classroom contact.

We resolve this problem through the following learning units:

Unit 1: Effective study skills for dummies

Unit 2: Structuring and writing distinctive undergraduate assignments

Unit 3: Structuring and writing distinctive postgraduate assignments

Unit 4: Private tuition in key university subjects

Unit 5: Developing entrepreneurship, enterprise and employability skills

Unit 6: 3E Internships & Mentorships

Unit 7: Putting all together: Securing and excelling in your preferred jobs

Unit 8: Related training and resources.

7E Teach the World Programmes:

As part of our higher calling to use all key 7E initiatives to innovative higher education curricula globally, and driven by the need to democratise quality higher education globally, we institute country-focused 7E Teach Xprogrammes, for example 7E Teach Nigeria, 7E Teach India, and so on for all countries, especially developing countries.

Additional skills:

Students are further exposed to additional skills for students, graduates and start-ups (SSGS, see related notes in the website).

When needed, students are drilled on entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and employability (3E) skills, which enable them to become phenomenal knowledge workers.

They can also attend our annual

International Schools on Advanced Research Methods, Data Analysis and Software Training for Academics, Students and Professionals (ISARMDA),

which train delegates deeply on these research and academic writing skills.

See more details in the GLOTRESS website, www.glotress.co.uk.