School of Innovation and Creativity

School of Innovation and Creativity

The Innovation and Creativity Research Programmes explores creative learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) innovations and enterprise development initiatives of institutions (HEIs) and private sector organisations.

Drawing perspectives from all subject matter-based schools, the programmes integrate the theory and practices of innovation and creativity in socio-economic development, particularly in creating and maintaining national innovation systems fit for the 21st Century. The link between a national innovation system and elements of a high knowledge economy index (KEI) is also studied.

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    The key thrusts of research and enterprise development work in the school include:

    • Joint graduate research supervisions in the contributing fields with recognised scholars in the fields;
    • Using research-based Worldhero 3E technologies and know-how to substantially extend existing knowledge in managing innovations;
    • The nexus among innovation, creativity and 7E (entrepreneurship, enterprise development and employability) skills;
    • Psychology of work and human performance;
    • Nudge Theory and its use in motivating suitable change in the behaviours of individuals, clients, organisations, policymakers, and stakeholders, towards adopting more effective and efficient actions and lifestyles, for example;
    • Perspectives on integrating disciplinary, technological, market, organizational innovations, related knowledge dissemination and publishing;
    • Links among innovations, creativity, neuroscience, and high-impact 3E education and knowledge production;
    • Current and emerging frontiers of science-based innovations;
    • Strategic management and marketing planning;
    • Technological and market research;
    • Business model innovations;
    • Integrated business modelling and planning;
    • Network theory and cyber-mediated internationalisation of especially born-global as opposed to traditional firms;
    • Full-Spectrum business analytics and new business development, see fuller notes in the School of Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies section;
    • Artificial intelligence, applied computing, data science, and robotics;
    • Internet of Things (IoT) and social Innovation;
    • Specific industry sector-focused and cross-sector innovations;
    • Innovations in online education and accelerated learning;
    • Strategic innovation systems, national innovation systems and industrial strategies;
    • Related sector-based innovation systems and strategies e.g. health (diabetes, depression, etc.), education (f2f and online, embedding 7E skills into curricula, etc.);
    • Linking the above facets to an individual, local and national competitiveness, productivity, budgets, and economic management;
    • Enabling Worldhero 7E technologies;
    • Enabling skills for innovation – Creative Problem Solving, Scenario Modelling, Simulation, Theory of Constraints, Strategic Analysis and Intelligence, Business Analysis, Data Science, Computer-Aided Design, Analogical Reasoning;
    • Innovation across the Seven Disciplines of Enterprise Engineering – Strategic Visioning, Enterprise Design, Value Stream Reinvention, Procedure Redesign, TQM/Kaizen, Human Culture and Development, Information Technology Development;
    • Emerging perspectives in innovation, creativity, 3E skills, and national socio-economic development;
    • Innovation, Creativity and Society: towards a ‘practification’ of creativity and invention in real-world and daily affairs of humans.

    Related Spin-off

    Oselux Apps: Working with the School of Computing and Information Technologies to develop smart apps that continuously monitor and resolve disease conditions like diabetes with sensor-based real-time measurements and mobile phone or other wearable technology dashboards; same in other systems like education, fintechs e.g. personal finance and contemporary mathematics underpinnings, personalised learning devices, etc.

    7E Innovations

    7E Innovate-X: e.g. 7EInnovateNigeria, 7EInnovateAfrica, 7EInnovateMiddleEast, etc.