School of Divinities, Philosophy and Metaphysics of Knowledge Production


This research and enterprise development school grounds all Worldhero 3E work in spiritual principles developed from mainstream Divinities, Philosophy of Science and Knowledge Production fields. Examples of the divinities are the Bible, Koran, and Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

The key principle for Worldhero 3E work is utter selflessness, as 3E knowledge workers operate in, through, and with the Mind of God, for the greater benefit of the Sonship of God, which includes all humankind, than just themselves. Hence, 3E work is driven by a simple mantra: To Have All, Give All to All.

Key work entailments in the School

  • Current and emerging research and publications on the spiritual foundations of high-impact knowledge work;
  • Promotion of scholastic ecumenism amongst world’s religions and philosophical worldviews, including modern physics, metaphysics, chemistry, and biology, particularly neuroscience;
  • Hence, linking ‘Inner Worlds of Thoughts & Feelings’ to ‘Outer World of Physical Reality’;
  • Links among the above and the philosophy, theology, methods and systems of Lonergan;
  • Endowing Inaugural 3E Ecumenical Chairs in radically innovative directions of research which unite perspectives in at least two areas of research in the schools;
  • Joint graduate research supervisions in the contributing fields with recognised scholars in the fields;
  • Reconceptualising current practices in religious entrepreneurship and liberation theologies, to make them coherent with accepted teachings of the key religions;
  • New thinking about effective and supernatural production and sharing of knowledge, including such remits as
  • Socio-technical systems
  • Model-based innovation and creativity
  • The Corporate Academic model, which translates academic knowledge to street value in myriad organisations
  • The Psychology of work and human performance
  • The Tao of model-based knowledge creation which combines 3E spiritualism and skills and corporate academic skills
  • Religion, Philosophy and Society.

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