Global Business

7E Global Business and Oselux International Business School (OIBS)

  • Real World Research, Virtual Learning
  • Radical innovations in business education, research and enterprise development

The  Oselux International Business School (OIBS)

Aims to be  the world’s leading business school, dedicated to translating the research results from ICRED’s Research and Enterprise Schools into practice. This creates useful offerings and enterprises that move them to markets mainly digitally.

A key strength of the OIBS is cutting-edge multidisciplinary quantitative masters and doctorates (MSc/MTech, PhD/DTech, and DBA/DTech, and DSc/DTech, for example) which combine perspectives from the Business School and core disciplines researched in other ICRED Schools. This yields such unique features as:

  • From What They Teach You at Harvard Business School to What They Coach You on at OIBS:Leveraging core business school education in a Harvard Business School Plus model, which uses appropriate combinations of knowledge in:
  • Integrated Business Modelling and Enterprise Engineering;
  • Oselux Advanced Leadership Programme;
  • Executive MBAs in Quantitative Business Disciplines;
  • Executive Education;
  • Divinities and Philosophy of Knowledge Production;
  • Innovation and Creativity;
  • 7E Education
  • Statistics and Information Modelling;
  • Business Analytics;
  • Business Geography and its applications (see related notes in the School of Integrated Business Analytics and Development);
  • Oselux Global Economics and Capital Management;
  • Resolving Global Issues and World Systems;
  • Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies;
  • Information and Technology Management, including 7E Technologies;
  • Academic and Global Publishing;
  • Structured collaborations with partner organisations across academia, industry and governments;
  • Business and Society: Knowledge, People, Methods, and Technologies.

In 7E Global Business

We provide a multifaceted suite of experimental businesses that drive continual creation of killer products, services, and enterprise. These businesses use an Integrated Business Model Template (IBMT(c)) developed by PhD research supported by the ICRED School of Integrated Business Analytics to spin-off ongoing research results in different the OIBS/ICRED Schools into appropriate (digital) firms – social enterprises and for-profit types, for example.

The goal is to create digital internationalising firms that aspire to achieve similar successes like  modern born-global firms (BGFs), and global giants, for example Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, Facebook, and YouTube, in carefully chosen niches.

The rationale for the businesses is to:

  • Capacitate all countries in the world, especially developing and emerging economies, towards reducing youth and graduate unemployment;
  • Support an ecosystem of apprenticeships, internships, and vocational training around the businesses;
  • Hence, to radically accelerate the socio-economic development of developing countries and emerging economies;
  • This way, the businesses will  help to close the North-South divides in education, socio-economic development, and underpinning technologies.

In lieu of full enterprises, the finishing research theses in OIBS/ICRED Schools will be based on suitable choices of real-life projects that address significant local, national, and global challenges.

Special corporate-academic protocols will be used to make the theses easy to translate to practice, in the same way as Google is a translation of the founders’ PhD research on page rank algorithm into search and advertising. The protocols include:

  • The Corporate Academic Research Methods Canvas (c)  – primed for advanced research up to PhD/DTech;
  • 7E Concept Notes for Structuring ICRED research topics and project proposals;
  • A PhD-research informed Integrated Business Model Template for Developing Digitally Internationalising and Born-Global Firms (IBMT) and Internationalisation Template for Digital Firms (ITDF);
  • Use of selected ICRED digital firms listed below as default experimental case studies in the research specifically to contextualise IBMT insights around the theoretical and practical research findings;
  • Surveys of relevant stakeholders to the potential research results and follow-on firms among academics, students, professionals, consultants, designers, investors, senior management of educational institutions, the private sector, industry and government organisations – for validating the research constructs, triangulating the evidence base and methodology (usually mixed-methods research), and creating robust versions of the IBMT for the emerging firms.

ICRED pipeline of business opportunities

There are currently about 300 prototype projects in an ICRED Pipeline of Business Opportunities, identified by a Global Enterprise Development Group, led by the Executive Chairman of ICRED | Director of Research and Enterprise Development, Patrick Oseloka Anachuna EZEPUE.

Prospective students can also work on projects that interest them as follow-on spin-offs from their research. The supervising team and ICRED will be allowed to co-own the spin-offs subject to mutually agreed terms.

The research theses are typically structured in two parts, namely:

  • Core thesis that underpins the award of PhD degrees and emphasise theoretical and philosophical contributions to knowledge; and
  • A Postscript  which translates the results to practice and provides the contextualised version of the IBMT that helps to create, develop, and internationalise the related experimental ICRED firm. This postscript qualifies the researcher for award of a complementary DTech degree.

Consequently, the academic modules and coursework assignments which support the research require the student after one year of critical review of pertinent literature to produce two reports on the theory and practice aspects of the research.

These will be rigorously assessed and defended by a multidisciplinary panel of ICRED academics and professional experts from ICRED partner organisations, as appropriate.

The professionals typically also serve as industry supervisors for the DTech facets of the degree. This is because majority of the academics may not have the requisite industry experience that the ICRED firms require to succeed digitally and internationally.

In line with the above notes, the PhD/DTech research programmes necessarily require students to undertake a body of research work that covers:

  • Core modules from the OIBS and related ICRED Schools;
  • Key disciplines of enterprise engineering; and
  • Appropriate integrated business modelling, planning and innovation management strategies; and intense training in the above-mentioned ICRED protocols.

Current Global 7E Businesses

Key 7E Global Businesses which form a Giant Experimental Laboratory for the Business School work outlined above include the below-listed spin-offs mentioned in various ICRED Schools, to enable us aggressively implement them using ICRED tools and frameworks e.g. IBMT/ITDF, RMC(c), 7E C-Notes.

The business development approaches

We will imbue the above programmes with deep-seated philosophical cores around the Oselux Way! We will particularly structure them as Business Model Franchises (BMFs), by developing all known Michael Gerber business systems that will automate their workings. This will enable us to focus attention on working on the businesses (the BMFs) but not in them. That is, they can be managed by trained CEOs without our being directly involved.

  • Oselux Global Education Consultants Ltd. UK (simply Oselux): The holding company that encompasses all we do in ICRED and TIOU.
  • Oselux Executive Education & Leadership Development
  • Oselux-Educating the Educated: Focuses attention on developing courses for knowledge workers and their affiliated companies – entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, universities and companies – in tandem with Oselux Executive Education, typically under the aegis of the School of Continuing Professional Development and related technical Schools in ICRED.
  • Oselux Consulting Group: Devoted to radical and research-informed business model innovations and performance improvement of interested entities – individual clients, educational institutions, corporate firms, and government ministries, departments and agencies; encompasses all techniques used in component Oselux firms listed below such as Oselux-HP, 7E Life-Coaching, Oselux Vortex, Oselux-IBDEV, Oselux-Metathinking, Oselux-Glosstra, OseluxBizGames, 7E Restructuring Group, and Oselux SEGEPOC; aims to leapfrog the likes of McKinsey & Co., and KPMG, for example.
  • Oselux-X Intelligences: To implement each ICRED School directly as a streetwise firm in addition to related spin-offs already indicated in the website notes within the schools. For example, using simpler names than the full descriptive titles of the schools, we will have Oselux: KP Intelligence; Innovation Intelligence; 7E Education Intelligence; Statistical Intelligence; Integrated Analytics; Computing Intelligence; Mathematical (Sciences) Intelligence; Life Sciences Intelligence; (Global) Economics Intelligence; (Global) Business Intelligence. In the programme notes for marketing these outfits as business-end versions of the schools, we will also use the trading names All About X e.g. All About StatisticsAll About ComputingAll About 7E Education, etc.
  • Oselux National X Committees: Mimicking the Oselux | ICRED Executive Mandates for Transformational Changes in key sectors of national political economies, we’ll institute independent governing boards for such outfits to be known as Oselux National X Committees e.g. Nigerian National Infrastructure Committee, Nigerian Education Committee, and so on. These will cover the 53 plus MDAs in Nigeria and will be made up of top experts from academia, industry and government – effectively serving as independent think-tanks and advisory bodies for developing and facilitating the implementation of innovations that last beyond short-term political cycles. In some cases, we’ll call them consortia e.g. the Nigerian Mathematics Finance Statistics and Economics Research Consortium (NIMFSERC) in Afrihero and ICRED.
  • Oselux-X Ranking: We conduct research on the strategic and operational excellence of different organisations in a country, say, Nigeria and rank them against local and international competitors as appropriate. For example, we survey the 160 plus Nigerian universities on the extent of their innovations in research, teaching, learning, assessments, consulting, and community services, benchmarked against a Global Research and Teaching Excellence Framework (GLORETEF) currently under development. For organisations like government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), we devise an innovation checklist comparable to global professional standards of performance and rank them against the underpinning yardsticks. Same with banking and financial services. These performance surveys will cover different sectors of an economy and different MDAs. Following the rankings, we work with the institutions and organisations to improve their performance through customised continuing professional and business development training. This training will be managed by the School of Continuing Professional and Business Development and will draw from faculty expertise in related ICRED schools.
  • Oselux-HP: Oselux Human Potential which links strategies from Oselux Spirituality, Life Balance Programme, and Becoming Supernatural, with affinities in School of Continuing Professional Development, SSGS, etc. cf. School of Divinities and Philosophy of Knowledge Production.
  • Oselux-Fit Retirees: This programme will enlist the services of Triple Helix retirees across academia, industry and government who will help to propagate the RETLACCS Innovations in ICRED across the nations, regions, continents and the globe. Where some form of retraining of these personnel in the Oselux Ways are needed, we’ll convene such training alongside different Oselux ICWs, for example. Imagine the power of unleashing retired professors on the higher education scene, fully retrofitted with modern pedagogical tools and philosophies curated in Oselux, a task they will take to with unreserved relish!
  • Oselux Lotteries/Bets: Will work with government MDAs to get approval to run change-setting lotteries in support of several good causes of interest to Oselux Foundation and related interventions, following the UK Camelot processes.
  • 7E Innovation/7E Innovate-X: focused on radical 7E innovations in key contexts e.g. InnovateNigeria, InnovateAfrica, etc. See School of Innovation and Creativity.
  • ICRED Higher Education Academy: linked to SAAHER, SAWHER, NIMFSERC, CEMFIEBB, 7E Special Interest Groups, etc.
  • Model 7E Institutes: focused on implementing the results in PhDs Sadik and Egwuatu
  • 7E Advanced Polytechnic Institutes (APIs): To cascade 7E-MIT learning ideas across Nigeria and Africa, say.
  • 7E Colleges of Education: To also cascade 7E Education ideals across Nigerian and African colleges of education, say.
  • 7E Professors: Part of Oselux Global Education Ltd. UK. See the programme details in ICRED here.
  • 7E Superb Tutors: Ditto.
  • GLOTRESS: Global Tuition and Research Support Services: Ditto.
  • Oselux-IKPs: Oselux International Kindergarten and Primary Schools.
  • Oselux Higher Education News
  • Oselux Outreach Programmes.
  • Oselux-IPS: Oselux International Placements & Scholarships. Focuses on placing 7E trained prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students in the world’s leading universities, including the TIOU.
  • Oselux Star Power Initiative: Use of stars and celebrities to advance related Oselux causes – Nollywood stars, eminent global professors, etc.
  • ICRED-TIOU itself; See the TIOU entry in this website.
  • Sigma-Z Consulting: See the entry in this website. See also the spin-off website
  • Oselux-SIMFIM: Oselux Institute for Statistics, Information Modelling and Financial Mathematics; cf. School of Statistics and Information Modelling.
  • 7E Proprietary Systems: Embodies Oselux technologies such as HSSPSM(c), IBDEV Systems (IBMT/ITDF), 7E RED Dynamics(c), Synthetic 7E Dynamics(c),, RMC(c) and C-Notes (c), etc.
  • 7E Institute of Data Sciences & Technologies.
  • Oselux Web Services: Progressively mimics Amazon’s Web Services.
  • 7E International Coding School: Linked to 7E Code-X Initiatives e.g. CodeNigeria and CodeAfrica, which are good candidates for the Oselux-ZPRIZE programme – all partner with, say, Microsoft, R, SAS, Google, etc.
  • 7E International Business Analysis Academy.
  • 7E Business Restructuring Group: To use Oselux Chklist encompassing tips from Management Consulting Handbook, Business Analysis, Oselux Global Economics research, Oselux Capital Management, the UI Masterclass in Stochastic Modelling paper, Dalio (2017)’s Principles, Warren Buffett’s biography, Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans, Alan Greenspan’s ‘The Age of Turbulence’, Ezepue’s Metaheuristics papers, Ruchir Sharma’s ‘The Rise and Fall of Nations, perspectives from SIMFIM PhDs (Maruf, Rabia, Kun, Debo, Mbama, Ochinanwata, Urama, Nnanwa, Alun, Omar, for example), all investing texts and research monographs in the Oselux Library – International Private Equity, Valuations, Bank Financial Management, etc.
  • Oselux SEGEPOC: Strategy, Electoral Geography and Political Consulting will draw theoretical fillips from Human Geography, Spatial Analytics in Geography and Big Data tools, in addition to sociology, politics, economics, psychology (Nudge Theory), and communication sciences, in enhancing political understandings, advancements in political parties manifesto commitments and delivery, and socio-economic development of Nigeria, Africa, and developing world mainly, including analyses of opinion polls at local government, state, zonal and national levels, and sharpening of related movements – POLESCORE, NESDEM and co-galvanising other civil society movements. Services to politicians and political parties linked to data-driven personal and organisational goals of capturing and deploying power will be handsomely paid for. Awareness services will be free to the citizens and paid fir through our Global Issues & World Systems initiatives and partnerships.
  • Oselux Global Economics programmes: Including Oselux MMCME Centre for Millennials, Money and Contemporary Mathematics Education, Oselux Capital ManagementOselux CEFARED (Centre for Advanced Research & Enterprise Development (this ICRED platform), NIMFSERCCEMMFIEBB, MSRGs, etc.
  • Oselux Capital Management: Will preferably be co-led by Nkolika Ezepue (nee X), Patrick’s last daughter studying Economics at University of Nottingham, UK, as CEO, with Patrick as Executive Chairman and Director of Research and Innovation. It will cover key investment domains – equity, commodities, currencies, real estate, private wealth management, international private equity, venture capital, valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), and related enterprise development in form of launching of world-beating fund management firms across selected sectors of the economy (cf. Dalio 2017).
  • Oselux-RMs: Radical Movements with enabling societies will be digitally promoted e.g. Society for the Advancement of National Socio-Economic Developments (SANSED), NESDEM, NESDEP, NPOLESCORE, NIRECIP (Nigerian Radical Education Curriculum Improvement Programme) – all candidates for our Oselux-ZPRIZE programme.
  • Oselux Executive Innovation Mandates (OSEXIMs): Oselux Global Coherence & Innovation Programmes (GLOCIPs) discussed in ‘It Takes a Nation and a Continent’ with key foci on: Education, Health & Well-Being, Political Economy, Religious Harmony, and Environmental Sustainability, for example. We can convene such GLOCIPs for emerging global challenges and programmes belonging to the 17 thematic areas of the 2030 UN SDGs, see the School of Global Issues & World Systems.
  • Oselux Self-Actualisation Programme: mimics Tony Robbins Date with Destiny Program, but with add-ons from ‘Becoming Supernatural’, Tony’s ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, ‘ Tools of Titans’, SSGS, ‘  Corporate-Academic Career Self-Management Model (CA Model) and perspectives, IBMT/ITDF, Dalio (2017)’s Principles, etc. – all sewn up into enabling Masterclasses/Checklists under the auspices of the Oselux Chklists programme.
  • International Financial Certification Programmes: A teaching company such as GLOTRESS that coaches finance and economics stars on distinctive tips for excelling in different professional examinations e.g. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Nigerian ICAN, AIB, Investment Analysts, Actuarial, AACA, and related qualifications.
  • Oselux X Institutes for Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies (OSIfAMS): Devoted to partnering with universities worldwide to launch spokes of ICRED’s AMS programmes in their locales, linked to the ICRED School of AMS as a global hub. Five institutes come to mind: Mathematical Sciences (Maths, Statistics and Computing), Science, Engineering & Technology (SET), Health & Wellbeing, Business and Finance, Social Sciences and Complex Systems.
  • Oselux X Institutes: To replicate the above for all other ICRED Schools, hence making ICRED-TIOU a global knowledge sharing platform, the Amazon-Uber of innovative global higher education.
  • ICRED-TIOU Academy of Sciences
  • Oselux-ZPRIZE: A NGO-style programme of Z Prizes that leverages on ICRED’s supercredibility to institute running Prizes contributed by key philanthropists, foundations, educational institutions, governments, industry sectors, and addressing specific global challenges in target locations. For example, the 17 thematic areas of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be the focus, especially our 7E Education Philosophy undergirded by the Corporate Academic Career Self-Management Model (CA Model(c)) and its related tools – Careersoft(c), CARESS(c), RMC(c), 7E Concept Notes, GLORETEF(c), ARETEF(c), RETLACSS Innovations, and ICRED School of Global and Academic Publishing. The specific projects can hinge on cascading research outcomes from ICRED Schools to the world, radically spreading SSGS training around the developing world, to 7E-train millions of youths, students, graduates, academics and professionals on these vital skills. Indeed, a key aim of Oselux – ZPRIZE is to fund the $1 billion Oselux Marshal Programme – ‘It Takes a Nation and a Continent: …’, which has nearly 300 projects in view. The Z represents any funders that support specific initiatives in the programme. We have in view all Nigerian ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) and key politicians (linked also the NEDEM, for example). We also have in mind the Microsofts and Googles of this world as potential sponsors, banks, CBN, AU, etc. See Peter Diamandis notes in Tools of Titans, pp. 369-375. The idea, for example, is to launch such initiatives with potential Z’s present – Vice Chancellors, Ministers, The Presidency, glocal technocrats, corporate Nigerians and Africans, Senators, Governors, etc. Some initiatives can grow into Oselux Executive Mandates or universities, hence we’ll have OSELUX 7E University (simply Oselux University), which will be different from The International Open University (TIOU) as it simply expands the School of 7E Education into a full university of education, to be located in Ogidi. We can also have Oselux University of Global Economics, as long as the traditional economics programmes are innovated as in the current ICRED School of Global Economics, but with a fervent focus on how the economics knowledge is applied to challenging problems in the world, for example Poverty, Capital, inequalities, gender imbalances, climate change and its consequences, and so on. Think also of Oselux University of Applied Computing and Deep Technologies. The enabling philosophy in these engagements according to Diamandis is to go after our moonshots – things that are 10X, 100X, 1000X, and 1000,000X bigger, not 10% bigger! Some driving questions are: ‘Is there a grand challenge or a billion-person problem that you can focus on?’. ‘How would you disrupt yourself and how are you trying to disrupt yourself?’
  • The Oselux Experiment: To replicate and enhance The Tim Ferriss Experiment in Nigeria, Africa and developing countries of the Global South.
  • Oselux-Vagabonding: Mimicking Tim Ferriss and Rolf Potts (Tools of Titans, pp. 362-368) in taking longer (2-3 weeks, day) holidays with nature (not the frazzled and commoditised one-week jet-offs by the likes of Intui), to exotic islands, sea resorts, places of bewildering sceneries such as advertised in i newspaper, Times UK and FT. In these engagements, you’ll live like intellectual monks who absorb nature, complete interesting works, know people and places, build lasting memories of why we need to work to live, not live to work!
  • Oselux-IBDEV: Devoted to relentless International Business Development(IBDEV) and serial entrepreneurship work which spins-off and internationalises all Oselux firms listed below. It will be driven by ICRED’s Integrated Business Model Template (IBMT(c)) for creating digital/rapidly internationalising firms (born-globals, born-again globals, international new ventures, and niche cyber-mediated business entities) aimed at achieving similar results as in Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Uber, Rakuten, Alibaba, Face Book, Phoenix University, UK Open University, Harvard University, Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Toyota Motor Corporation, for example) twined with ICRED’s Internationalisation Template for Digital Firms (ITDF), but with a focus on listed Oselux digital firms. It will also use complementary insights from ICRED Schools, Oselux-Chklists, Oselux-Metathinking, and other primary knowledge generating entities to develop the offerings. The use of the
  • Oselux-Teach: Devoted to continual production of audio, video, blogs, vlogs, YouTube and e-lessons, on all manner of topics from within and outside ICRED, sometimes with collaborating experts. The lessons will be primed for in-car and mobile access, and digitally mastered for wider circulation through social media and other multimedia channels; see 3E Omnimedia and other ICRED channels and programmes below. See also Alex Blumberg’s and Tim Ferriss’s approaches and enabling gadgets in Tools of Titans, pp. 303-308.
  • Oselux-Chklists: This firm is devoted to producing innovative checklists that powerfully automate decision-making by combing and recombining glocal best-practices. Examples are combining all insights from IBMT research, RETLACCS Innovations, Thriving on Chaos, Digital Marketing, Dalio (2017)’s Principles, Business Analysis and ICRED systems and toolboxes into running checklists that successfully support all ICRED firms. Also, the RMC(c), CARESS(c), 3E C-Notes, 3E Business Dynamics (c), Careersoft(c) and IBMT(c) systems are implicitly ICRED checklists of interest.
  • Oselux-1000TrueFans: This ICRED business line reminds us to use Ramit Sethi’s techniques relentlessly in acquiring our first 1000 committed fans focused on each of our offerings -schools, projects, academies, centres of excellence, capacity building events, movements (NIMFSERC, NESDEM, for example), international schools, PhD/graduate programmes, and spin-offs, and then growing that fanbase to, say, 2000, 5000, 10,000 … (see Tools of Titans, pp.  289-298). The technique include: a) writing emails and blogs with attachments or links to more detailed ideas sometimes running into 10, 15 t0 20 pages (e.g. our In Search of Excellence in Nigerian and African Higher Education, Secrets of the Masters, Masterclass in Stochastic Modelling) – this gains the attention of serious people; b) using all tested digital marketing and social media skills and channels; c) giving away through our sites at least 80% of what we do as Freemium, but charging ultra-Premium Fees on the remaining 20% high-value programmes, typically 10 to 100 times what competitors charge, for example the planned International School, Conference and Workshops on Advanced Research Methods, Achieving Global Excellence in Academic Publishing, and Proposal Writing: Teaching You the Smart Techniques Not Covered in Traditional Academia and Secrets of the Masters, will attract fees of between $2000-$3000 for one week – institutions may send two train-the-trainers; d) of course, employing hordes of research assistants to build personnel contact lists across the globe in Triple Helix institutions that are of interest, similar to the list of Nigerian academics; e) othet techniques from IBMT research.
  • Oselux-Personal Finance: Uses the metathinking paradigm below to fill the loopholes in personal finance whereby millennials and generation-X digital natives are not able to straighten out the financial malaises in their lives. This firm uses metathinking to produce the superbooks in personal finance aimed at demystifying the subject, supporting students and youths to become masters – through online experiments, school visits, work with families, for example. It will be linked to related ideas in Contemporary Mathematics. E-platforms for sharing resulting capabilities will be developed. National and regional initiatives around this will be convened, for example the Nigerian Initiative in Financial Education (NIFINE), the West African Initiative in Financial Education (WAIFINE), and you can roll this along to include continental (AFRIFINE, INDIFINE, CHINAFINE, AMERIFINE, ASIAFINE generally, and so on). The impact point is not just demystifying everyday banking and financial literacy, but taking the nuggets to the street. Hence, academic research and killer insights and apps are mainstreamed in the everyday lives and awareness of citizens (young, old, male, female, illiterate, literate) of the world. It is not an onerous  task as it enlists the values of the sharing economy, pulling in all knowledge workers who want to have all by giving all to all.
  • Oselux-Metathinking: A serious source of creativity and innovation in life is the quest for mastery in targeted endeavours. It is important to be able to ‘get beneath the arch’ in a problem area or discipline and develop a deeper understanding of how the masters in the field really achieve global fame, for example. How, for instance, experts in big data analytics and business analysis segue extraordinary success. How personal finance advisers succeed in changing the financial well-being of their clients. It is not just about the academic studies, but more about the street experience collated across thousands of experts in a field globally. It is about getting to a point one can ‘make art about making art’, create master systems that teach big data analysts the best ways to analyse very large data sets in multi-environments, for example. This is different from doing so in a particular field in which a big data analyst does their 9-5. It is about having the deepest and broadest possible theoretical, practical, methodological, and contextual mastery of the nitty gritty of data science and big data analytics and the coagulations of multidisciplinary expertise that powers this understanding. It requires metathinking – the capacity to go beyond mere specifics and acquire generative excellence by using the ICRED systems (Research Methods Canvas(c) and 3E Concept Notes for Business Development) and army of ‘global knowledge workers in the field of different mixes – professors, PhD students, practitioners in different sectors of the economy, clients who are served by their expertise – recruited through ongoing interviews on OSELUX platforms, deep research surveys, conversations, exposure to real problems and challenges involved, and more importantly stories they tell of their games. If Tony Robbins (2001) could do this reviewing over 700 texts to piece together the magisterial Awaken the Giant Within: How to take control of your mental, emotional , physical and financial destiny, how can’t we achieve same in other areas of importance in alleviating the human condition? In Oselux-Metathinking, we know that academic review papers alone can’t hack this. We know that case studies alone can’t also. We know that alongside these, things like Skype interviews of the eight stakeholders in integrated business models globally will secure varieties of understandings implied here. Starting with all the disciplines and themes explored in ICRED Schools and programmes, using augmenting the traditional (oftentimes unhelpfully linear) academic research pathways with deep street wisdom from global Skype/Survey Monkey online stakeholder opinions, continual seeding of related ideas in (ICRED) International Schools, Conferences and Workshops, for example, is the way forward. The outcomes from this wisdom-of-crowds approach which blends crucial perspectives in knowledge making include: incessant releases of ‘fusillades’ of Oselux artefacts – handbooks, superbooks, amply illustrated advanced research monographs, creative labs that practify the learnings, offerings and apps that resolve related key challenges in the topic areas – all enmeshed in the philosophy and mastery that produces that capacity to Make Knowledge About Making Knowledge in the Target Subjects’. Could it be that this is what is happening in corporate universities that Alphabet(Google), Microsoft, big banks, car manufacturing firms, for example? And why can’t it be done a described in OSELUX (ICRED and The International Open University)? This is the signature thinking that informs the nature of deep knowledge produced in ICRED Schools with related spin-offs. Oselux-Metathinking simply systematises and intensely propagates the thinking globally.
  • Oselux-SS: short for Oselux-Studios and Schematics, our design studio filled with creatives who develop and collate infographics, original art works, illuminating sketches, humour clips, video clips, vignettes, which support our block-busters, superbooks and advanced research monographs, including PhD/DTech theses, for example. As with other Oselux firms, this will be staffed by young graduates and apprentices from all levels of achievement who are then gainfully employed and further trained to excel in their lives. They will be sourced using the online Oselux Job Creation Company listed below and national arms of this e.g. the Nigerian Job Creation Company (NJCC). Perspectives from our 19-page pull-out on training knowledge workers in the creative industries will inform proactive talent development in this space. See also notes on 7E Professors, 7E Superb Tutors, SSGS and GLOTRESS;
  • Oselux-Masterclasses: This is a motivational speaking and training foundry for imparting the lessons learned from Oselux as a whole and helping people and organisations achieve their life goals. I will fuse perspectives from: Oseloka Ezepue’s Secrets of the MastersSpiritual Foundations of the Oselux-ICRED Systems,  Academics Students and Professionals as Entrepreneurs, It Takes a Nation and a Continent, Masterclasses in Stochastic Modelling, and different ICRED SchoolsThe Forbes Book of Business Quotations and The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations; The Philosophy of Lenergan; Tony Robbin’s Awaken the Giant Within You; Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans; Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s Confidence; The Mind Gym; The Psychology of Work and Human Performance; Tom Peter’s Thriving on Chaos; Ethel Person’s The Power of Fantasy;James Martin’s Seven Disciplines of Enterprise Engineering; McGrath & MavMillan (2001)’s The Entrepreneurial Mindset; Hoffman & Casnocha’s The Start-Up of You; Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural; Freedom from the Human Condition; TQM/Kaizen/Six Sigma Methodology; similar excellence frameworks e.g. The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), to alleviate the limiting conditions on the progress of humankind. It will go beyond some of the above writings by using the IBMT systems and related ICRED Technologies to propose and explore how learners and clients can formulate systems that help them improve their performance. The creative spark is that we are applying these approaches to the business of radically innovating the performance mindsets and systems implicit in Me.coms and X.coms of this world. Ineffect, we continually practify these writings and perspectives individually on Oselux firms and contexts and recombine them in different meaningful permutations to boost their efficacies.
  • Oselux-10X: Crazy as this may sound, this Oselux firm is created to directly facilitate the ability of entrepreneurs to come up with enough ideas to power their enterprises. It is an integrated (offline and online) platform for working with key business development stakeholders explored in ICRED’s Integrated Business Development research programme to work on various 10 ideas suggested by James Altucher in Ferriss (2016)’s Book of Titans, pp. 248-249. I the words of Ferriss and James, these include: 10 old ideas I can make new; 10 ridiculous things I would invent; 10 books I can write; 10 business ideas for Google/Amazon/Twitter/etc.; 10 people I can send idea to; 10 podcasts ideas or videos I can shoot (e.g. Lunch with Oseloka in which he has creative business chats on Skype with people while during lunch); 10 industries where I can remove the middleman; 10 people I want to be friends with; 10 things I learnt yesterday [or from Oselux events]; 10 ways I can save time; 10 things I learnt from X (any person I have conversations with); 10 things I am interested in getting better at; 10 ways I might try to solve a problem I have. We’ll extend this by developing a digital idea generator form which Oselux clients complete for us at all annual and specialist training events. Those that cannot attend will be requested to complete it online when they receive passwords for accessing our training materials or enrol as clients. Similarly, the RETLACCS Innovations forms will be provided to all our learners and clients as appropriate. This generates a longitudinal evidence base for continuing and publication of these ideas.  Even the kids in OseluxGiftedKids and all learners in ICRED-TIOU programmes will be requested to complete the forms.
  • Oselux-X: The arm of The Oselux Corporation devoted to radically internationalising Oselux spin-offs globally. Toolkits from IBMT, international marketing, international entrepreneurship, digital internationalisation, strategy, entrepreneurial finance, business analysis and valuations and international relations will be used to achieve the firm’s objectives. Case studies of international new ventures (INVs), born-global firms, global e-giants and their subsidiaries (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, Nigerian and African digital internationalising firms in different industry sectors will be relentlessly pursued based on the methodologies in PhD Nonso Ochinanwata. Skype interviews of founders and top managers of these firms will be complemented with in-depth trawls of their websites with an aim to SWOTING them and creating additional innovation points. The related PhD/DTech research will focus on internationalisation of firms and sectors as the primary goal. We will use the 12 sectors in the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the 12 sectors of the UK economy listed in the The Times UK as benchmarks. The research will also be supported by insights from ongoing Systematic Stock Market Characterisation and Development (SSMCD) PhD research programme which the Oselux Chairman, Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE, leads.
  • OseluxAudio: Dedicated to producing audio versions of key Oselux works – books, radio shows, motivational texts and speeches -literally ‘speaking our own works’; hence, the need to work closely with Oselux Omnimedia Inc., in advanced recording studios. An example is the way Patrick Oseloka Anachuna Ezepue records internship training sessions he runs with PG students of The University of Sheffield. All (keynote) lectures in our annual International Schools Conferences & Workshops will be recorded and broadcast through all Oselux media and YouTube, as appropriate. Learners can download them from, for example.

  • Oseluxblog: Continual writing about all things Oselux in TW, FB, IG, In, YouTube (video blogs), etc. – based on ICRED website blogs and visitors’ comments. Expertise required include digital marketing strategies, infographics, and creative writing skills. We’ll drill up in matters writing for different genres and fields (lexicons).
  • OseluxFinance: Dedicated to implementing multiple pathways for funding Oselux initiatives across the Triple Helix of academia, industry and government – publishing and other  spin-offs – in more innovative ways than contemporary institutions in Nigeria, say, are accustomed to. It will therefore blend all entrepreneurial finance channels – banks, business angels, venture capitalists, governments for social enterprises, and crowd funders. The core expertise for OseluxKey is depth in enterprise modelling, business analysis and valuations. ICRED supervised PhD students will work on these topics and use ICRED firms as the case studies for the DTech facet of their dual PhDTech qualifications.
  • OseluxApps: Dedicated to creating apps that run creative insights from ICRED-TIOU research and radically simply peoples’ lives. For this reason, the Executive Chairman of Oselux, Patrick Oseloka Anachuna EZEPUE, will undertake a PhD Applied Computing research with emphasis on programming, software engineering and data science.
  • OseluxBizGames: Much like Lego and Monopoly, but more involving more complex moves, we will create this product to enable knowledge workers master the entire gamut of skills revealed in Tim Ferriss (2016)’s Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers. The contributing disciplines for this undertaking include: computer games, robotics may be, creative leadership and management, ICRED business development engines, software engineering, enterprise engineering, strategy, creative problem solving, theory of constraints, scenario modelling, heuristics, psychology of work and human performance, product development, integrated business modelling, business analysis, TQM/Kaizen/Six Sigma Methodology, business model innovation,  psychology of work and human performance – including insights from Tools of Titans, Awaken the Giant Within (Tony Robbins), the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of Lenergan. It is clear that the main game board will also be supported by activity decks that tackle the different strands above. See Lynn Gordon’s 52 activity decks in Tim Ferriss (2016)’s Tools of Titans.
  • Will be a bridge between teeming populations of talented Nigerian youths, students, academics and professionals who want access to the best universities in the world, but need sound ICRED education preparations. Training them through the Skills for Students Graduates and Start-Ups (, Centre of Excellence in Applied Statistics Data Science & Business Analytics, Global Tuition and Research Support scheme (, the ICRED Academies, various ICRED Schools, particularly the School of Continuing Professional Development (SCPD), and annual International Schools, Conferences & Workshops – themed around vigorous skills development in ICRED’s academic and professional disciplines – will prepare them for fast-track admissions, scholarships, and completions of their degrees. Such training will equip them with skills in writing sound research proposals for scholarships and grants. They will be supported digitally in completing an OseluxBridge standard applications we’ll develop for admissions to US Ivy League,  UK Russell Group universities and similar categories of institutions in other countries of the world (Sweden, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, for example). This will fix the supply problem in the universities who pay commissions to OseluxBridge ass agreed percentages of the fees paid by these ‘clients’. Importantly, some of them may qualify for the (graduate) programmes we run in The International Open University (TIOU) which is a global online version of The Oselux University (TOU) we plan to establish in Ogidi, Anambra State, Nigeria.
  • OseluxGiftedKids: Supports OseluxBridge with indentifying and nurturing fantastically gifted kids who can for example achieve a PhD at 18 or 20, say, and still display uncommon chronological maturity because of the ICRED education philosophy. A philosophy that runs on ‘Accelerated Learning Principles for the 21st Century’ and ICRED’s curriculum innovations in research, teaching, learning, assessments, consulting, and community services. These kids are exposed to key tenets in some of the disciplines listed under OseluxBridge, particularly creative problem solving. Refer also to John Holt (1983)’s How Children Learn, and Anthony Seldon & Oladimeji Abidoye (2018)s’ The Fourth Education Revolution. Link these initiatives to ICRED’s 7E Superb Tutors and 7E Professors.
  •, Using the Integrated Business Model Template (IBMT) for establishing digital internationalising firms complemented by other ICRED business development toolkits (Research Methods Canvas, 3E Concept Notes, 3E Business Dynamics, the Hybrid Strategic and Statistical Problem-Solving Model of Ezepue & Ojo 2012, and mastery of the disciplines of enterprise engineering explored in James Martin 1995) to create these e-marketplaces/platforms. The idea is to fully enable citizens of these locations and the world to access and share in key education resources that contribute directly to the kind of renaissance in (higher) education and socio-economic development which drive the Oselux Corporation and its component firms -the ICRED, TIOU, and so on. It is expected that this initiative will be franchised across the globe in forms of,,, The businesses will involve myriad strategic partnerships and funding collaborations with global giants or exit into them as appropriate whilst enabling us to retain control of the Nigerian and African ones. In effect, these outfits aim to become inimitable Amazons in education resourcing locally, nationally, regionally, continentally, and globally. Again, three PhD/Techs will work on these digital initiatives.
  • OseluxVortex: Specialising in innovative product and services development work across disciplinary and organisational boundaries; key resources include ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ (Tony Robbins), our IMBT(c) systems, leading texts and resources in product development, Tom Peter’s ‘Thriving on Chaos’;
  • 7E Applied Mathematical Sciences (3E AMS):Leveraing mathematical, statistical, and computing know-how with requisite socio-technical and enterprise engineering systems that effectively deploy resulting knowledge in solving challenging real-life problems amenable to such knowledge, with
  • emphasis on problems encountered in growing related 3E global businesses;
  • 7E Applied Physical Sciences (3E APS): same remits as above but with special focus on Physics and Industrial Chemistry as applied to manufacturing, say;
  • 7E Applied Life Sciences (3E ALS): same remits as above but with special emphasis on medical and biological sciences (developmental biology, neuroscience, microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, drug discovery, and manufacturing, biotechnology, for example);
  • Oselux Commodities: radical agricultural research into the improvement, packaging and preservation of regional staples around the world, including processing Nigerian cocoa produce into leading coffee brands (OseluxCafe range and beverages), same for key African agricultural commodities (cassava, yams, cocoyams) proessed into best-quality OseluxFoods – all with internationally-leading training of local workers and youths in 3E schools, especially in
  • 7E Institute of Food Engineering
  • Oselux Petroleum: refineries and plastics manufacturing
  • 7EOmnimedia (Oselux Entertainments), including TV, Films, Awards and Competitions, carefully cultivated Social Media followership on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube Lectures, and the Oselux RED Talk, for example;
  • 7EHETV: a division in 7E TV that is dedicated to special higher education television shows that institutionalise radical higher education innovations in research, teaching, learning, assessments, consulting, and community services;
  • 7E Afrinnovations: curating the best innovations in Africa related to programmes in different 3E Schools and born-global firms, and theoretically motivated by work conducted in the School of Innovation and Creativity;
  • 7E X-Innovations: franchises of the results in 3E Afrinnovations globally;
  • Oselux International Arts Media and Entertainment Schools: finishing schools that promote the talents of art, media and entertainment workers; fusing  successful techniques in sports and exercise psychology and medical education to innovate the training of vocational stars and gifted children; collaborations with Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, Museums, academics, graduates, and professional associations in these spaces, to curate the best ‘artefacts’ (for example, films, theatre, TV shows, virtual reality, creative writing, novels and superbooks) that successfully explore related genres and phenomena;
  • Oselux Leisures: mainstream hospitality and tourism activities including luxury apartments and fun-filled real estates; hotels, hostels, youth houses and camping; (3E) events; travels and tours (air, road, ocean cruisers, specialist 3E yachts);  wellness, optimum health and sports fitness regimes, spa; Oselux spirituality, transcendental meditations, metaphysics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and their implications for Becoming Supernatural;
  • Oselux 7E Hospitality and Tourism Institutes: 7E Leisure & Travel business focused on PhD-level research in 3E aspects of hospitality and tourism, with applications to boosting the vocational education and economies of developing countries mainly, in seven 3E regions; to draw perspectives from completed 3E PhD and Integrated Business Modelling research, basically the Integrated Business Model Template (IBMT(c)); and to involve Research Enterprise Development (RED) work for other firms, and global price-comparison sites fashioned after Uber, Arbnb and Go-Compare, but without similar weaknesses in their business models; to particularly grow into OseluxAirOseluxCruisesOselux3ESuperYatchs, which house full 3E RED Enterprise University facilities for educating itinerant stars of the future;
  • 7E Student Advisory Services: 7E Career and Employability Advisory Services, to be supported with a magazine entitled 7E Student;
  • Model 7E Institutes: focused on implementing the 2017 PhD research-based Ghanaian Employability Enhancement Framework (GHEEF) globally as Global Employability Enhancement Centres (GEECs), with replications of the PhD research for other disciplines;
  • Oselux Executive Recruitments: specialist recruitments into roles covered by Worldhero 3E research schools and firms, with supporting training and life-coaching in hyper-performance, when needed; principles for creating an ideas and performance meritocracy in organisations; further perspectives in
  • Oselux 7E Life-Coaching: Mentorships; positive psychology readings and practices; motivational speaking; special training in Corporate Academic Model-Based hyper-performance for senior knowledge workers in different industry sectors – Secrets of the Masters: Model-Based Hyper-Performance in the Business of Life – supported by Psychometric Tests like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); building values-based organisations; other tests to enable people deepen understanding of each other and yet work progressively amid the diversity of personalities and opinions; using 3E C-Notes to develop adaptable workforce performance and integral excellence scorecards;
  • Oselux Job Creation Centres (OSJCCs): establishing global 3E advisory services to national governments in liaison with ministries of education, labour and employment; leveraging advanced research results in workforce planning and performance scorecarding conducted in the OIBS; and replicating but radically innovating the UK Job Centre model;
  • 7E SSGS Academy: for radical mobilisation of 3E and related skills for students, graduates and start-ups;
  • 7E Entrepreneurs: 3E SSGS Entrepreneurs who are trained under the SSGS Academy, receive loans of up to £25,000 and free one-year mentoring;
  • OSELUX GLOSSTRA (Global Strategic Services and Training): to implement all GLOSSTRA Management Consulting work benchmarked on the likes of McKinsey, Bain and Company, and PWC – with unique selling points from our 3E Technologies, Integrated Business Analytics and Global Economics; this is also the name of the holdings company for the entire business;
  • Supported by our Global Economics & Capital Management firm, the holdings company is expected to control well over 500 companies worldwide. Most of these companies are spin-offs from PhD research with the research team as co-owners. Others are 3E SSGS Entrepreneurs mentioned above;
  • PFE Fashions: Patrick Felicia Ezepue Omni Fashions and Accessories business including specially designed men and women apparels with regional signatures such as African designs, shoes, bags and matching cosmetics and jewellery, affordable introduction of selected labels from main fashion lines to African countries;
  • 7E Events, including: Corporate Event Management in different industry sectors, especially Higher Education; International Strategic Conferences; support for Oselux Seminars and Workshops; and 3E Events Management System for organizing regular 3E activities;
  • 7E Online Bets & Gaming: including 7EDevGames and 7EDevLottery devoted to enhance public participation in good causes such as pursued by different 3E RED Schools and born-global firms; balanced by proactive PhD-level research, education and treatment of problem gambling and lifestyles among citizens of a country;
  • 7E Global Academies: see section in the website;
  • which creatively replicates Alibaba and Amazon in Africa;
  • WorldShop: price comparison and rewards platform for shoppers;
  • which effectively transforms 3E as a giant Higher Education Innovation Web and e-platform, showcasing the most radically deep university-industry-government linkages the world has ever seen, an Internet of 3E-powered Triple Helix matching of higher education and industry stakeholders;
  • 3E HE Advisor: price comparison and rewards platform for higher students, academics and stakeholders
  • 3E Enterprise Bank supported by 3E as a Centre for Advanced Research and Enterprise Development (CEfARED),and dedicated to entrepreneurial financing of SMEs, Fintechs, and Born-Global Firms (BGFs);
  • 7E Business Restructuring Group: uses combined insights from business analytics, technologies, integrated business modelling, global economics and business research to redesign and innovate businesses, ranging from SMEs to born-global firms, and including public services;
  • Oselux Real Estate Research & Consulting (Oselux Real Estate): which uses advanced real estate research up to PhD levels to creatively fill market gaps in global real estate marketplace, including: least-cost, most efficient, and affordable student housing, luxury apartments, best-in-class hotels; smart architectural designs for research-intensive 3E universities, hybrids of personal and corporate homes for 3E-type work, structured real estate finance and PPIs, innovations in national housing policies and programmes in different countries, especially UK, US, and Nigeria; related business analysis, requirements engineering, project management aspects;
  • Oselux Energy: devoted to PhD-level research, collaborations, and enterprise development, particularly focused on: renewable energy (solar and wind, for example) in houses, offices, and regularly used spaces; agricultural applications; other industry sector applications; oil, gas and electricity research, consulting and investments; emerging perspectives;
  • Oselux P-Mobile: Known fondly as P-Mobile for People’s Mobiles, to conduct business model innovation research on all aspects of mobile and telecommunications business and create Oselux People Mobile phones and businesses in key parts of the world, starting from Nigeria. The business model innovation research will be driven by geographically-distributed PhD topics of the IBMT ilk. The real builds of the global P-Mobile Business and its regional and national franchises will deploy Full-Spectrum Integrated Business Analytics and Development (FIBAD) evidence bases, and 3E Business Dynamics (c) capabilities. The higher calling is to make significant differences in people’s lives, by taking away the injustices in current mobile technologies and telecommunications marketplaces. Immediate case studies and competitors in Nigeria include  MTN, Glo, and Techno. Global case studies are Vodafone, Orange and O2, for example;
  • Oselux Optimum Health: translating holistic research on effective strategies for enhanced personal efficacy, health and well-being, and exercises into winning apps that help people achieve optimum health and performance in their lives; implementing key initiatives in the Health part of Tim Ferriss’s Tools for Titans, Patrick Holford’s 6 Weeks to Optimum Health, and emerging perspectives from continual journal reviews; special emphasis on mental health (depression and bipolar conditions), linked to
  • Worldhero Health Research: 7E Biostatistics, CRO and Health Economic Modellingwhich generates the evidence base, clinical research strategies, and comparative health outcomes evaluations for mounting effective interventions in global health matters; in partnership with other organisations and funders in this space; and particularly contextualised for key health and well-being challenges in different regions in the world, essentially the seven regions of Worldero 3E’s work – Africa, Middle East, India, China, Asia, Europe and the Americas; reinforced by research in the Schools of Business Analytics and Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies ; mobilising global health researchers and workers to achieve these aims;
  • Oselux using deep doctoral research and big-data survey to translate the Corporate Academic Career Self-Management Model (CA Model(c)) into a Careersoft system, which simply uses computer-aided and web-enabled generic and industry-specific systems to make effective productivity improvement decisions in people’s personal life-worlds and formal organisational settings; licensing the systems very much like Microsoft’s Office 365;
  • 7E Apps and Technologies: Producing enabling apps and technologies from all areas of 3E research and enterprise development;
  • 7E Synthetics: automating and licensing all 3E Technologies;
  • 7E Cash Cows: Afrihero UK, GLOTRESS, 3E Professors, 3E Excellent Tutors, SSGS Academy, Global Publishing, and Sigma-Z Statistical Consulting, see relenat notes in their separate sections in the website
  • Oselux-ISCW: Oselux International Schools, Conferences & Workshops  conducts annualbiennial, and regular customised training across academia, industry and government, mainly in the form of combined international schools, conferences and workshops. The schools offer intense tuition on the principles and best-practice checklists for excelling in selected subject areas and topics of interest (see Oselux-Chklists above). Default topics cover theoretical and practical remits in different ICRED Schools, programmes and spin-off-firms. The conferences enable knowledgeable experts in academiaindustry and government to present papers and technical workshops on selected themes in the SCW programmes, thereby serving as proxy for wisdom of experts which triangulates deep knowledge across the S, C and W bases. The workshops are again practice labs for intense coaching of interested delegates on how to apply the principles and checklists learned in the schools, with tangible outputs to demonstrate their learning. For example, if a school is themed on mastery of advanced research methods, academic publishing and proposal writing, then workshop delegates must within the period of the event: a) develop, say, a PhD research design with post-PhD translation of the research ideas to practice; b)produce and submit an internationally publishable paper in their fields of specialisation; and c) develop a fundable proposal. Separate fees apply to the S, C and W strands since, for instance, a Professor may only be interested in the Conference, whereas a beginning academic may be interested in all. All strands must have targeted outcomes: for S, the instruction manual or reference (ICRED) text and the corresponding delegate outputs; for C an ICRED-TIOU Proceedings with top papers selected into suitable  ICRED Journals; and for W, the above outputs. Follow-on outcomes include: a) advanced research monographs  and super-texts which use outstanding outputs from the S, C and W strand as theoretical spines and case studies; b) Associate ICRED Fellowships, Fellowships and Advanced Fellowships awards to interested delegates in recognition of their outputs and accomplishment of further ICRE training in designated ICRED Schools, programmes and firms. Depending on their complexity, all ISC events will be passed through a range of ICRED project structuring protocols, namely Research Methods Canvas (RMC(c)), 3E Concept Notes for Developing Multi-stakeholder Projects(c), the Hybrid Strategic and Statistical Problem-Solving System (HSSPSM(c)), and the twin Integrated Business Model Template for Developing Digital Internationalising Firms (IBMT(c)) with an Internationalisation Template for Digital Firms (ITDF(c)).
  • The Oselux Conference, a platform for disseminating radically innovative 3E ideas, including public lectures, key note speeches, business and motivational speaking, and convening TED Talk-style forums dedicated to emerging global developments; global star performers in related fields will be invited to the Conference Board and as speakers;
  • Integrated Project Management, including ICT/CRM perspectives, with special focus on 3E Integrated Business Development (IBDEV) projects, using 3E RED Dynamics © systems and C-Notes ideas to project manage projects and events;
  • Project Finance via: aggressive proposal writing, entrepreneurial finance initiatives, crowd-funding; RED foundations; Short-courses in different 3E Schools, Certificates, Diplomas and Degree Programmes (up to PhDs), linked to all 3E RED clusters since there will be short-courses in all of them; also, linked to Project Finance since the short courses are ‘sold’ to paying stakeholders; and 3E RED Bank, which coordinates all 3E RED funding needs, to be called simply 3E Business Bank;
  • OseluxDigital: focused on research and consulting around digital marketing strategy, implementation and practice in different industry sectors, especially leading to the creation and profitable growth of cyber-mediated born-global firms;
  • Emerging opportunities: in partnership with myriad organisations, with Worldhero 3E serving as an e-platform and digital marketing platform for the businesses;
  • Oselux Foundations and Philanthropy: Giving it all back to God, keeping our promise to Have All by Giving All to All – at least 80% of 3E ‘profits’ will be reinvested in growing aspects of the businesses that positively affect people’s lives, invested in other good causes, and shared out to the staff as co-owners of the businesses they are part of running, in a radically cooperative model of equitable shared ownership;
  • Oselux Teleservices: An Oselux sales force with staff trained to convert sales from hard offers, soft offers, and multiple offers, including upselling and cross-selling from am agreed/advertised offering, where the offers may originate from radio, TV, print, or the web;
  • Oselux Celebrity Brokers: Attracts Nigerian, African and international celebrities (from Nollywood, for example) to endorse Oselux offerings;
  • Oselux Drinks: Aims to convert rich agricultural fruits (palm pulp drinks like ngwo and iti, mangoes, bananas, guava, etc.) in healthy drinks with varying levels of alcohol, including tropical mixed-fruit drinks, healthier alternatives to Coca Cola and pepsi products, tequilas, rums, whisky, cognac and others (not bears and lagers); to be called Osequila, Oseluxchampagne, Oseluxrum, Oseluxwhisky, Oseluxcognac, say. Or more romantic and emotive names like Aurora, Achuna (for Anachuna), OseluxUmeri (for Umerie), OseluxChinyel (for Chinyelugo), etc. The philosophy is to give opportunities for lessening waste in the agricultural sector due to perishable fruits, instigate a manufacturing boom and mindset in the country, given Ruchir Sharma’s 10 ‘rules of change in the post-crisis world’, which determine how nations rise and fall and of which manufacturing is a wining rule always. By this effort, we aim to Nnewirise the nation, especially the South East states wince we’ll locate the factories at Ogidi, Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. Of course, in a spirit of Laissez-faire we’ll locate it in other towns in Idemili that offer good land deals following discussions with their traditional rulers (Igwes). It is instructive that in setting up this chain of companies we’ll corral existing knowledge in all departments of food science, home economics, hotel management and catering, microbiology, nutrition and dietetics in Nigeria and Africa for a start, by convening knowledge-pooling Oselux International Schools, Conferences and Workshops. We’ll incentivise the best-graduating students from these departments through competitions, scholarships and follow-on ICRED-TIOU training! We’ll collaborate with leading experts in these fields across the globe, in academia, industry and government, with different research institutes. We’ll insist on Nigerian and African ownership of the businesses, even though they may be structured as plcs. We are particularly motivated by the story ‘Mexico takes shot at Musk’s Teslaquila’, Thursday November 15 2018| THE TIMES, which reports that Elon Musk has filed patents in the US, Mexico and Jamaica for the proposed drink that leverages the Tesla brand. It also states that George Clooney and his business partner, Randle Gerber, husband to Cindy Crawfirs, sold their tequila brand Casamigos to the drinks giant Diageo for $1bn. We are therefore intrigued in similar pathways for some of these business lines. We’ll particularly underpin this with a PhD research topic which deploys and adapts our IBMT-ITDF business templates to these endeavours, including perspectives on digital marketing to be supported by Oselux Digital and applied research related to Tim Ambler (2000)’s Marketing and the Bottom Line: The New Metrics of Corporate Wealth. Of course, these elements of business development will underpin all Oselux businesses listed in this space;
  • Oselux Lotteries: We’ll adapt existing lottery models in UK and the world to developing country contexts as we run ICRED and Oselux lotteries that generate funds for good causes typically linked to Oselux initiatives and Oselux Foundation and Philanthropy. Again PhD/DTech research will underpin this development;
  • The Oselux Academy (TheOM): Will closely follow The Times Academy, UK, in transforming ICRED-TIOU Schools and programmes into digitally pervasive online learning; its courses will derive from combinations of ICRED’s insights, digital marketing strategies, internationalisation strategies and the IMBT-ITDF systems, and more importantly externally-curated online courses facilitated by experts from academia, industry and government who also facilitate ICRED-TIOU programmes. It requires also a specially convened annual Oselux ISCWs on this theme. The blurb will be something like: ‘Understand more intimately the subjects that you are interested in: Stay informed and infuse your learning into your life-worlds with our newly-launched Oselux Academy. Participate in our uniquely innovative short e-courses, webinars, podcasts, and follow-on degrees developed by expert academics and professionals from Oselux Global Education Consulting, the African Higher Education and Research Observatory, the International Centre for Research and Enterprise Development (ICRED) also trading as the World Higher Education and Research Observatory, our World Higher Education News, our School of Academic and Global Publishing, including the translation of new learning in our myriad research and enterprise development journals into streetwise practice, also knowledge from all the ICRED Schools, especially the Schools of 7E Education, Global Economics, Global Issues and World Systems, and Global Business. We’ll use our GCL readings and blogs to also cover the themes explored in The Times Academy, namely ‘Take Learning Further’, Culture, Health, Technology, Lifelong Learning, Credible Learning, Study at Your Own Pace, Politics, History, Literature and Linguistics. In How Does It Work?, we’ll offer a) 14-day trial a, 2) interactive courses on the learning hub, c) complete video lectures and quizzes, d) grading and certificates, including pathways to BSc/BTechs, MSc/MTechs and PhD/DTecs. We’ll monetise the offerings through subscriptions valued at somethings like £10 monthly (cancel at anytime), £7 a month with £84 annually paid up, and Oselux subscribers only £5 a month with £60 annually paid up front. We’ll augment these stratagems with additional ones from Oselux Digital, particularly Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016 and Volovino 2010. In addition, we’ll commission feature articles and reports from freelance journalists, academics, and professionals, like those released by RACONTEUR on topical ideas e.g. ‘Understanding Diabetes’, ‘Business Transformation’.