School of Computing and Information Technologies (SCIT)

  • Immersive digital skills and training in ICRED International Coding School and Business Analysis Academy
  • Parallel training in 7E skills namely:
  • Expertise, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Development, Employability, Experience, Emotional Intelligence, and Engagement/Execution.

The SCIT exploits results from related schools like:

  • Innovation and Creativity,
  • Statistics and Information Modelling, and
  • Integrated Business Analytics,

to develop superior ICRED 7E proprietary technologies that deliver inimitable competitive advantage to individuals and organisations.

The focus of SCIT research is:

  • Continual systematization and codification of real-time and steady-sate knowledge in enterprise-critical work, which enhance the innovation agenda of organisations;
  • 7E Institute of Data Sciences and Technologies: Machine Learning and Its Applications, including Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, Advanced Time Series, Econometrics and Macroeconomic Modelling; Hybrid Models; Insight Development
  • 7E International Coding School devoted to advanced computer programming education for millions of academic- and technical-minded academics, young school leavers, university students, and professionals interested in furiously effective personal professional development in core and emergent applied computing work;
  • Software Engineering: Particular emphasis on software tools and skills listed in, with deep real-life data, examples and applications;
  • Hence, intense immersions in key coding systems and business analytics platforms listed like SAS, R, SPSS, C++, Advanced Excel/Visual Basic, Python, Agile, Business Objects, Hadoop (SAS and R versions, for example), QlikView, and Tableau;
  • Primarily to cascade advanced coding and application developmentskills to millions of next-gens, in parallel with advanced use of all key software systems and techniques in applied statistics, statistical computing, mathematical finance and engineering, business analysis and data science; and links with
  • Information and Cybersecurity research and applications;
  • 7E International Business Analysis Academy;
  • Certificates in Business Analysis covering the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Body of Knowledge, with additional perspectives in Strategic Analysis and Integrated Project Management;
  • Advanced training in Synthetic 7E Business Dynamics (c) system which integrates Business Analysis, Data Science, Innovation, Quality and Project Management toolkits;
  • Graduate Research in Applied Comuting: Specialist MSc/PhD research in Full-Spectrum Integrated Business Analytics and Development (FIBAD), which use the above knowledge across key industry sectors, literally automating existing and emerging IBMT(c)- and 7E Business Dynamics(c)-based research results within sponsoring organisations;
  • Specialist research in Data Science topics – neural networks, AI, Genetic Algorithms, Computational Trading linked to Systematic Stock Market Characterisation and Development (SSMCD) and pertinent work in other 3E Research and Enterprise Development Schools;
  • Emerging perspectives and collaborations with leading firms, universities and research centres in these fields.

Related ICRED proprietary technologies and services include:

  • Applied computing coding and apps development;
  • Information and technology management generally;
  • Research and applications in managing innovation;
  • Software development for business and social innovation;
  • 7E productivity apps;
  • 7E synthetic concept notes and new business development in different industry sectors;
  • Specialist apps for mass deployment of 7E proprietary technologies such as 7E Careersoft(c);
  • Integrated Business Model Template (IBMT(c)) for creating killer e-businesses from PhD research;
  • Synthetic 7E Business Dynamics (c), which extends core IBMT (c) capabilities with additional perspectives in business analytics, new business development, quality management, project management, project finance, and enterprise engineering toolkits generally;
  • Hence, special focus on the seven disciplines of enterprise engineering, namely: Strategic Visioning, Enterprise Redesign, Value-Stream Reinvention, Procedure Redesign, TQM/Kaizen/Six-Sigma Methodology, Human and Culture Development, Information Technology Development;
  • 7E Advanced Research Methods Canvas(c) (also known and trade-marked as 7E Corporate Academic Research Structuring System (CARESS(c));
  • 7E STELLARTEXT Software (c) for producing best-seller texts, research monographs and superbooks, which implement specific hybrids of the 3E Concept Notes (c) and CARESS(c).

Related spin-offs

  • 7E Digital Foundry
  • 7E Apps and Technologies
  • Synthetic 7E Business Dynamics
  • 7E International Coding School
  • 7E International Business Analysis Academy
  • 7E International Coding Initiatives: such has CodeNigeria, CodeGhana, CodeAfrica, which aim to train at least 5 million coders and 5 million business analysts in different countries of the world, with additional 7E skills.