7E Master Tutors

7E Master Tutors

  • Learning and achieving top grades in a fun-filled way

Despite our focus on higher education research, teaching and learning, we use various innovations in curriculum and accelerated learning principles to tutor secondary students in some difficult subjects, such as Mathematics.

Subject-specific programmes under this service are labelled 3E Doctors such as 7E Maths Doctors. 

Our uniquely innovative ways of teaching and mentoring O-Level and A-Level students in 7E Maths Doctorsconsist of the following:

7E Learning Covenants:

  1. Matching and exceeding other tutoring services; 
  2. Effective teaching, including summer schools, intensive revision classes in mid-terms, and weekend group coaching;
  3. Training our tutors in use of humour and accelerated learning principles to teach Maths and other science-based modules;
  4. Specialist revision sessions for A-Level Maths including Further Mathematics.

Students also individually benefit from the following features:

  • Learning maths and other subjects in a fun-filled way;
  • As part of accelerated learning strategies, starting with:
  • Motivation for your learning, and understanding the core concepts, always using simple every-day examples and real-life applications to bring Maths to life;
  • Also, showing you how to Acquire the best information to support your learning;
  • Continuing to Search out the meanings of additional ideas you learn in a lesson;
  • Trigger your memory to recall the formulae and facts more easily;
  • Exhibit what you know expertly, by working through all levels of exercises up to grades 8 and 9; and
  • Reflecting on why and how you learned what you intended to learn;
  • For this, using these M*A*S*T*E*R Mind accelerated learning strategies to  engage all your key intelligences in learning, such as mathematical, verbal, hearing, visual, musical, and active hands-on, exercises;
  • Therefore, helping you to overcome any anxieties in the exams;
  • Mastering exam-style questions for the most ambitious grades 8-9 targets;;
  • Therefore, solving many varieties of problems for any topic, and showing workings fully to earn top grades.

Other pastoral support:

  • Improving your learning techniques through additional coaching on study skills;
  • Setting ambitious performance grades 8-9 for you, and not accepting current labels and settings;
  • Therefore, working hard to move you from Foundation to Higher bands;
  • To further motivate this, after three to four lessons, we help you to rewire your belief system by: a) getting you to aim so high and understand how easy it is for our approach to get you there that you draw a picture of your old limiting self on a piece of paper, shrink it, bin in a waste basket, and reimagine a New You; b) in this New You, we request you to create a ‘Mind Movie’ of how you see your future as a student who makes grade 9 (A**)in all your subjects; and c) you’ll make another ‘Mind Movie of the possible career you think you will excel in, and how you’ll be supernaturally successful in it, including whatmakes up that success for you;
  • You’ll remake such pictures ever so often in your learning sessions, during reflection sessions on your learning, and at critical points such as after important assessments – this will make you own that future and step into it almost effortlessly, as if an Unseen Hand is leading you into it!
  • This approach is also used to train you on effective personal organisation: Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self-Efficacy;
  • Getting you to always complete all school work and tutor exercises;
  • Coaching you on better time management and extreme discipline in the use of mobile phones;
  • Teaching you how to transfer these learning techniques to other subjects;
  • Advice on choice of subjects and careers;
  • For A-level pupils, providing additional advice for transition to university learning, by showing them how the same accelerated learning principles are used by university students to excel in their performance and earn 1st class degrees in any university of their choice; and
  • How to secure admissions to leading Russell Group universities including Oxford and Cambridge universities.

7E Teach the World Programmes:

As part of our higher calling to use all key 3E initiatives to innovative higher education curricula globally, and driven by the need to democratise quality higher education globally, we institute country-focused 3E Teach X programmes, for example 3E Teach Nigeria, 3E Teach India, and so on for all countries, especially developing countries.