School of Integrated Business Analytics & Development

In this School, we implement world-leading Full-Spectrum Integrated Business Analytics and Development (FIBAD), including such perspectives as:

  • Underpinning Business Analysis to scope a project fully;
  • Suitable Data Analytics of either Data Science or traditional BI/Data Mining persuasions;
  • Sector-focused analytics: financial services, retail, telecommunications, energy, health, education, engineering and manufacturing, etc.
  • 3E Institute of Data Sciences and Technologies: Machine Learning and Its Applications, including Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, Advanced Time Series, Econometrics and Macroeconomic Modelling; Hybrid Models; Insight Development, including
  • Detailed Insight Development and related Business Development, focusing on Customer/Stakeholder marketing pitches, based on pen portraits of who they are;
  • Business Geography and its applications, linked to Geodemographics, Applied Business Analytics and Big Data, Personalised, International and Ecological Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism, and Social Media Research;
  • Formal market access and development, to link resulting new offerings to key customers, clients and stakeholders, across industry sectors, public services and academia, if need be;
  • Follow-on training of hands-on staff to bed in the novel techniques; and
  • Follow-on consulting to further develop related prospects, for example
  • Profitable growth and revenue management,
  • Strategic partnerships, integrated business modelling, and
  • Business Networks; 
  • Social media strategies for fanning related fanbases for an offering;
  • Integrated Business Analytics and Society: Knowledge, People, Methods and Technologies.

7E Proprietary systems:

For these purposes, we developed a range of value-adding proprietary systems which fast-track the programmes, including:

  • HSSPSM ©: a Hybrid Statistical and Strategic Problem-Solving Model © (Ezepue & Ojo, 2012), which combines traditional data mining methodology with the McKinsey approach to management consulting;
  • IBDEV Systems: Integrated Business Development, including a core Integrated Business Modelling Template (IBMT) for Born-Global Firms like Google, Amazon and Facebook. This model was recently developed from a 2017 PhD research work in business model innovation and cyber-mediated internationalisation;
  • 7E Research and Enterprise Development Dynamics (7E RED Dynamics ©) system; which extends the IBMT core with other capabilities like Concept Notes for structuring and developing high-impact proposals and new businesses, Research Methods Canvas(c) for developing advanced research topics up to PhD level, which makes deep theoretical and practical contributions to knowledge, and can easily be spun off as independent enterprises; linking Business Analytics to Strategy, Quality Management (TQM, Quality Function Deployment, Six-Sigma Methodology, Excellence Models), Performance Management, and Integrated Project Management;
  • Synthetic 7E Business Dynamics ©, which is the software version of the 3E RED Dynamics;
  • Integrated Business Analytics in Society, linked to projects in Sigma-Z Consulting,

Related training in the School of Computing and Information Technologies (SCIT):

See the training programmes in the Computing and Information Technologies section of the website on 7E International Coding School and 7E International Business Analysis Academy.

Related Spin-offs

  • 7E Institute of Data Sciences and Technologies
  • 7E Web Services: Cloud computing applications in key industry sectors, for example health and well-being, finance, insurance, economics, banking and business (FIEBB), systematic stock market characterisation and development (SSMCD), global investment management, retail management, e-commerce, global music and entertainment streaming, electoral geography, personalised marketing, and global services management.
  • 7E International Coding School and
  • 7E International Business Analysis Academy
  • 7E Business Restructuring Group
  • SEGEPOC: Strategy Electoral Geography and Political Consulting.

Again, work in this school produces outstanding corporate academic PhD theses, MSc dissertations, and advanced project outcomes, which can be spun-off as social enterprises, and for-profit born-global firms that are powered by the Internet.