Academic and Global Publishing

School of Academic and Global Publishing

  • Innovative and accelerated publishing of stellar academic papers, research monographs and superbooks
  • Real world research virtual learning, new learning

As noted under Research Publications, Academic publishing in Worldhero 3E is organised as a full school, which is linked to wider developments in Global 7E Publishing.

The latter extends academic publishing to all manner of publishing, which is deployed as a full enterprise, including academic publishing, world-beating 3E journals, superbooks, research monographs, training manuals, public policy blueprints.

These publishing engagements cover all the remits outlined in ICRED Research and Enterprise Development Schools, and emerging perspectives from collaborations and research networks of which ICRED is a part.

The academic publishing enterprise includes:

  • research theses and dissertations, journal papers in ICRED Journals and leading international journals, conference proceedings, related research monographs, and superbooks.

Superbooks are those seminal textbooks and research monographs that almost say it all, by covering in-depth all elements of our 7E Concept Notes for Structuring Projects (7E C-Notes (c)) and Research Methods Canvas(c), which are described under the School of 7E Technologies, also called School of Computing and Information Technologies (SCIT).

They are therefore deep in theory, practice, policy perspectives, and amply illustrated with real-life projects and case studies.

They are written to 7E protocols that embody pedagogic innovations researched in the School of 7E Education, and the accelerated learning principles described in the section on 7E Superb Tutors, our innovative service for teaching secondary students. These principles also carry over to the higher education remits through 7E Professors, similar service for effective teaching of higher education students.

The academic publications augment the commercially published work in 7E Global Publishing, which have more than academic perspectives in mind.

ICRED Research Archive

We archive all publications by contributing academics, students and professionals in the archive, segmented by Research and Enterprise Development Schools. This archive is under construction.

Some ICRED publications in the archive are listed in the Research Publications section of the website.

Related spin-offs

  • 7E Academic Publishing
  • Worldhero Journals
  • 7E Global Publishing
  • 7E Worldwide Communications: PR, corporate intelligence, forensic analysis and investigative reporting, sentiment analysis, digital marketing, surveys and polls

The academic publishing enterprise includes:

The 7E publishing criteria are very difficult to game by simply adapting other authors’ works. This is because to successfully cover the criteria, an author must have painstakingly undertaken the underpinning  research, and taken time to develop the paper with penetrating insights.

Training and/or support for authors

To enable the guiding RMC(c) and 7E Concept Notes to bring benefitting authors to the cutting-edge of academic writing, prospective authors may benefit from related training we provide in meeting the publishing criteria.

Distinctive features of Worldhero 7E publishing

The School institutes research in academic publishing, which outlines the guiding principles and pathways for publishing state-of-the art research results. The scope of this work includes:

  • Articles and white papers related to multidisciplinary theory, research and applications in different ICRED schools;
  • Career-enhancing self-help guides and resources built around emerging knowledge from the ICRED schools;
  • The academic and global publishing enterprise;
  • Pathways, perils and innovations in academic and global publishing;
  • How radically innovative academic publishing is achieved using Worldhero 3E Writing Protocols – 7E Concept Notes(c) and Research Methods Canvas(c);
  • Consequently, structuring research theses, monographs and A-list journal papers using the steps in the Research Methods Canvas(c);
  • Structuring commercial global publishing artefacts using 3E Concept Notes(c);
  • Automating the publishing process;
  • Hence, mastering fast-paced publishing of high-impact papers, journals, and reports;
  • What it takes, therefore, to publish globally trail-blazing journal papers in 7E journals ,which must satisfy seven key stiff criteria explored in a the RMC(c), as opposed to three main criteria in conventional academic papers, see further notes in the School of Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies, under Related Topics section of this website;
  • Mastering the nature of superbooks and research monographs that flow from these stiff criteria, and therefore expand on the core research results in completed theses;
  • Organising research publication networks around selected mega-themes in research, related special interest groups, and author syndicates;
  • Hot-housing intensive advanced research methods schools, specialist symposia, workshops, and paper writing boot-camps, to produce joined-up papers that satisfy exacting Worldhero 3E publishing criteria;
  • Developing personal and organisational publishing programmes, using insights from fractals, for repeatedly rolling out change-setting artefacts;
  • The Holy Grail in Successful Corporate-Academic Publishing: Bring all these together, including illuminating perspectives from:
  • e-publishing and the economics of integrated e-publishing platforms;
  • Connectionist models of publishing and related ecosystems;
  • Creative writing and plotting;
  • blogs, vlogs, e-publishing, use of multimedia;
  • Furiously effective self-publishing and viral multi-channel marketing;
  • Related specialisms in journalism, for example science journalism and financial journalism;
  • Case studies in innovative journalism, for example Huffington Post, Financial Times, The Economist, and UK i;
  • Adapting the success strategies to academic publishing and 3E Publishing in general;
  • Emerging perspectives in publishing.

  • 7E-ICMCS Research Publications: Publications of the Worldhero 3E-International Centre for Mathematical and Computer Sciences Research Consortium, co-edited by Dr Patrick Oseloka Ezepue and Professor G O S Ekhaguere FAAS, focused mainly on mathematical and statistical finance, related global economics topics, bank financial management, national socio-economic development, and related pedagogical innovations
  • African Higher Education News
  • World Higher Education News