Statistical Consulting

School of Statistics & Information Modelling (SIM)

It is curious to us why there is still so much underdevelopment in some parts of the world like Sub-Sahara Africa, despite the teeming numbers of academics and professionals produced by higher educational institutions. This school brings together leading experts in related fields listed below, to address complex challenging research and practical problems requiring such multifaceted knowledge work. It mimics world-beating entities like the Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies, but goes beyond theory to produce working models and prototypes for resolving such challenges.

Related Spin-off

  • Sigma-Z Consulting, see Again, work in this school produces outstanding corporate academic PhD theses, MSc dissertations, and advanced project outcomes, which can be spun-off as social enterprises, and for-profit born-global firms that are powered by the Internet.
  • Oselux Institute for Statistics, Information Modelling and Financial Mathematics (SIMFIM): which combines techniques in applied statistics, global economics and financial mathematics to address emerging hot topics and challenges in global economics and capital management, including innovative and technology-enhanced business analytics, business analysis, data science, fintechs, algorithmic capital management, structured finance, data-driven decision making, simulations, and use of these techniques and theory of constraints in creative problem-solving.