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ICRED-Worldhero Journals

Our ICRED-Worldhero Journals are structured as world-beating open journals and aim to fill current gaps in academic journal publishing observed in existing journals across the world. The core remit of the journals is to disseminate research and enterprise results in the ICRED schools, but with an equal emphasis on theoretical and practical contributions to knowledge.

The practical contributions to knowledge are preferably embodied in notes on how the results support related research and enterprise development work in the study area. The notes include:


new models and frameworks for innovating the field of research,

evidence of impact on stakeholders,

national development, and

the Triple Helix of academia, industry and government.

The journals complement and extend the objectives discussed in the School of Academic and Global Publishing in ICRED.

Conference Proceedings and Research Monographs

Alongside the journals, we’ll publish myriad proceedings from our annual International Schools, Conferences and Workshops (ISCWs) on topical research and academic development themes, with affinities to selected ICRED schools, programmes, and academies.

We’ll also review and publish advanced research monographs on emerging hot topics in different ICRED schools.

Envisioning ICRED Open Journal System as a world-leading marketplace of research and enterprise development insights

Given that the ICRED publishing model is currently the most innovative globally, we’ll publish other top quality journals which adhere to the model and acceptance criteria listed below.

This way, we serve as a new kind of journal publishing marketplace similar to, but exceeding the quality criteria of the likes of Elsevier and Taylor & Francis.

Indicative ICRED Journals

  1. Journal of Research and Enterprise Development
  2. Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, including Philosophy of Knowledge Production
  3. Journal of Innovation and Creativity
  4. Journal of Statistics and Information Modelling
  5. Journal of 7E Education
  6. Journal of Integrated Business Analytics and Development
  7. Journal of Computing and Information Technologies
  8. Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences
  9. Journal of Science Engineering and Technology
  10. Journal of Applied Life Sciences
  11. Journal of Health and Well-Being
  12. Journal of Global Issues and World Systems
  13. Journal of Global Economics
  14. Journal of Business and Finance
  15. Journal of Complex Systems and Futurology
  16. Journal of Advanced Research Methods
  17. Journal of Academic and Global Publishing.

Scopes and author guidelines

Specific scopes of these journals and publishing guidelines for authors are provided separately for each journal…Read More