Oselux Global Publishing

Oselux Global Publishing is a key facet of work under the remits of the School of Academic and Global Publishing. The global publishing enterprise explores modern principles practices related to different types of publishing, including textbooks, textbooks, superbooks, research monographs, magazines, and specialist journals, especially e-publishing.

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Distinctive features of Worldhero 7E publishing

The School institutes research in academic publishing, which outlines the guiding principles and pathways for publishing state-of-the art research results. The scope of this work includes:

Articles and white papers related to multidisciplinary theory, research and applications in different ICRED schools;
Career-enhancing self-help guides and resources built around emerging knowledge from the ICRED schools;
The academic and global publishing enterprise;
Pathways, perils and innovations in academic and global publishing;
How radically innovative academic publishing is achieved using Worldhero 3E Writing Protocols – 7E Concept Notes(c) and Research Methods Canvas(c);
Consequently, structuring research theses, monographs and A-list journal papers using the steps in the Research Methods Canvas(c);
Structuring commercial global publishing artefacts using 3E Concept Notes(c);
Automating the publishing processes; etc.


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Email: or through Tel. no: +447772632150 to speak to the Director of Research and Enterprise Development, Dr Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE