Sigma-Z Statistical Consulting

Sigma-Z Statistical Consulting

  • Expert research methods design, statistical and business analytics support for all types of projects

As noted in the sections on GLOTRESS, which provides support for academics, students and professional on all aspects of the research process, this service offers deeper support on techniques used in applied statistics and related business analytics fields.

The statistical consulting support involves data analysis and interpretation related to the core statistical aspects of engagement, across different statistics fields like:

statistical modelling and inference (classical, nonparametric and Bayesian), the design of experiments, time series and econometric modelling, multivariate analysis, quality control and Six-Sigma Methodology, and specialist applications (demography, biostatistics, clinical and pharmaceutical analysis)

The different aspects of statistics-based consulting covered include:

  • Statistical consulting services;
  • Business Analytics;
  • Integrated Business Modelling;
  • Biostatistics/Health Economics Modelling;
  • PhD Research Supervision and Support in these fields (see GLOTRESS notes in this website).

Profile of the Lead Consultant, Dr. Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE

Dr Patrick Oseloka Ezepue is the Director of Research and Enterprise Development at the African Higher Education & Research Observatory UK (, and its global face, Oselux World Higher Education & Research Observatory 3E (Worldhero 3E,, and a former Visiting Professor of Stochastic Modelling in Finance and Business, National Mathematical Centre, Nigeria. Patrick was the Research Lead for Statistics, Information Modelling & Financial Mathematics (SIMFIM) Research Group, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He currently leads this innovative multidisciplinary research effort in Worldhero 3E, with research activities organised in subject specialisms known as SIMFIM Research and Enterprise Development Schools. Patrick’s primary research domains include: Philosophy of Science & Knowledge Production; Stochastic Processes and their Applications; Stochastic Modelling in Finance, Insurance, Economics, Banking and Business; Statistical Modelling and Informatics; Financial Mathematics; with related application domains and pedagogical research interests in Business Analysis, Data Science, Quantitative Social Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Employability (3E) skills. Through Afrihero and Worldhero 3E, Patrick internationally leads interdisciplinary research linking the Schools and such Quantitative Social Science areas as Global Development Studies & Informatics, Spatial Stochastic Processes, Data-Driven Strategy, Electoral Geography and Political Economy Consulting. Patrick originated a corporate academic model (CA Model ©) for structuring theoretically deep and practice-laden research topics, which can easily be spun-off as social enterprises and born-global firms with Google-like characteristics. Consequently, Patrick has supervised more than 13 PhD and 25 MSc students in these areas, some of which are designed as fully-fitted corporate academic spin-offs. He successfully led several initiatives and research grants which attracted more than £300,000. Currently, Patrick uses the CA Model © and a research-informed 3E Business Development System ©, to lead cross-cutting strategic grants in the above domains, linked to local, state, national, regional, continental, and the 2030 United Nations Strategic Development Goals (SDGs) (more than $1bn in value, circa). Citizenship: Nigerian and British