Global Tuition and Research Support Services (GLOTRESS)

How does it feel to have formal education in any field of specialisation and remain powerless in using the knowledge effectively in your life-world? In achieving self-realisation in your work roles, as self-employed or an employee?

Sometimes there is poor supervision of research projects,  because lecturers focus so much on their own personal research, to  get promoted to the highest positions in academia.

Our experience as corporate academics shows that at best most good research happens at doctoral levels, simply because the doctoral students are the research assistants that co-produce the envisaged research excellence.

At undergraduate and masters levels, most often, good research happens because of exceptional dedication on the part of some inspirational academics to train their students expertly in research and academic writing skills.

There is still a problem here for masters students most of whom complete their projects during the three-month holiday window in universities, July to September, when the supervisors are on holidays and manage to look at just about two of their chapters!

This problem is even more acute for international students who pay atrocious fees in leading universities (some £11,500-£25,000 depending on courses and universities).

Moreover, in the less research-intensive universities, we are concerned that some of the academics are themselves not deeply trained in the research process.

For example, their lack of composite knowledge of advanced statistical techniques, research methods,and philosophies outside their own specific academic niches, compels them to insist on, say, qualitative research methods, at the expense of quantitative methods, or even more powerful mixed-methods approaches, which should flow from the nature of problem at issue, and the specific research objectives and questions.

A parallel problem which has recently come to the fore in regular higher education discourse in the UK is inadequate classroom contact in undergraduate and postgraduate work. This flies in the face of the amount of fees these universities levy on students, some £9500, undifferentiated by the different potentials of the courses to enhance the students’ incomes on graduation.

To fix these problems we institute the GLOTRESS programme in Worldhero 3E (see This includes the following services:

Advanced Research Methods Academy:

Using an integrated corporate Research Methods Canvas(c) to originate researchable topics, formulate topics to embody powerful themes that will guide everything else, including such units as:

Unit 1: Introduction

  • Research contexts
  • Global good practices in PhD research
  • Topic formulation

Unit 2: The Research Methods Canvas ©

  • Elements of the canvas
  • The corporate academic model

Unit 3: Formulating researchable topics

Unit 4: Critical literature reviews

Unit 5: Research design and methodology

Unit 6: Data collection and analysis

Unit 7: Results, findings and discussion

Unit 8: Conclusion and recommendations

  • Contributions to knowledge
  • Implications for theory, research and practice/policy
  • Suggestions for future work
  • Summary and conclusion

Graduate Research Support Services:

Unit 1: Support for excellence in all research methods units above

Unit 2: Designing and supervising corporate academic PhD topics

Unit 3: Writing winning thesis, research proposals and professional reports

  • Writing outstanding thesis
  • Writing winning research proposals
  • Writing powerful/value-adding professional reports

Unit 4: Thesis proof-reading services

3E Professors:

Teaching students a range of meta-knowledge production toolkits that enable them to structure their course-works to achieve distinctive grades, and how to use the same research process happening in end-of-course projects to sculpt such assignments, each time not getting involved in their writing.

See more details in a separate section on 3E Professors in the this website.

Business Development Academy:

Adapts these skills to training high-performing professionals in new business development, and additionalWorldhero research-informed toolkits for doing so.

Additional support:

We run intensive annual International Schools on Advanced Research Methods, Data Analysis and Software Training for Academics, Students and Professionals (ISARMDA), which train delegates deeply on these skills

International Internship and Mentorship Programmes:

Provide further support to academics, students and professionals in their corporate-academic life journeys.

Sigma-Z Statistical Consulting Services:

This takes the above support into far greater details, especially for all key advanced statistical analysis techniques, business analytics topics, and other services; see further notes in the website,;