Afrihero as the Cradle of Worldhero 3E

  • Recreating Africa through skills for students, graduates and start-ups
  • Real world research, virtual learning, new learning

Afrihero UK ( was registered in UK since about 2010 as a higher education charity, intensely focused on radically innovating higher education curricula.

The key aim is to furiously work hard to close the yawning gaps in North-South divides in educational attainments.

A new dawn in these efforts came about in 2016, when one of the Afrihero interns we train for the University of Sheffield Social Sciences Postgraduate Advantage Scheme reminded us that despite some of them having nuclear weapons, most other countries are developing countries, and need precisely the same support. Hence, we founded Oselux Worldhero 3E as a global face of Afrihero.

The idea is to spread the good news of Africa-centred and Africa-led innovations in research, teaching, learning, assessments, consulting, and community service, to seven key regions of the world – Africa itself, Middle East, Europe, Asia, India, China, and the Americas.

We are emotive about the prefix Oselux which simply means the Light of God, fashioned after the name middle name Oseloka of the Founding Chairman, Patrick Oseloka Ezepue, which means ‘God has thought well’.

The mission of the African Higher Education and Research Observatory is to recreate Africa through curriculum innovations, skills-based training, and best practices in education and research. This will enable African countries to achieve global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the forms of: poverty eradication; critical, innovative and entrepreneurial education; research-driven business and economic development; and effective Triple Helix strategic partnerships with higher educational institutions, world bodies, governments and industry.

In addition to the way we stated the mission of Worldhero 3E in the Home and About Us sections of this website, this mission statement applies with equal force to Worldhero 3E, in general, and the specific regions, when one replaces Africa with those names.

Operating literally as intellectual monks and nuns, to use a Catholic Christian metaphor, we unashamedly ground all work in Afrihero and Oselux Worldhero 3E in ecumenically deep spiritual principles, with an overarching mantra:

  • To Recreate Africa and the World through Skills for Students, Graduates and Start-Ups, and
  • To Have All by Giving All to All.

Interestingly, therefore, Afrihero-Worldhero 3E is a Giant Cathedral of Radically Innovative, Disruptive and Worshipful Corporate-Academic Learning, not seen before this way globally. See related publications under the School of Divinities and Philosophy of Knowledge Production, the very first research school in the website. As noted elsewhere in this website, by vowing to give at least 80% of the social profit generated in Oselux Worldhero 3E to charitable causes, reinvest them in businesses that directly alleviate the circumstances of the poor and vulnerable in the world, we are unflinchingly committed to running Afrihero as a charity and Oselux Worldhero 3E as a giant social enterprise.