Data Sciences & Technologies

The International Institute for Applied Statistics, Data Science & Business Analytics

(I2ASDBA) partners with interested universities, industry sectors, and government agencies in achieving a multi-lensed view of internal and external data sets which underpin their projects and successes.

It combines insights from related ICRED schools and initiatives, namely:

  • School of Statistics and Information Modelling;
  • School of Integrated Business Analytics and Development;
  • School of Computing and Information Technologies;
  • School of Applied Multidisciplinary Studies;
  • School of Global Economics;
  • School of Global Business;
  • ICRED International Coding School;
  • ICRED International Business Analysis Academy.

Key Rationale

The activities of the Institute include:

  • Global training and education in applied statistics, data science, and business analysis, from certificates, diplomas, BSc, MSc up to PhD degrees – benchmarked on combinations of leading programmes in these areas in UK, US and Europe, for example;
  • Maintaining global excellence in research, theory and applications of results from the above schools;
  • Working with universities to establish world-leading departments of Applied Statistics and Data Science, Applied Statistics and Business Analytics,  Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and Centre of Excellence in Applied Statistics, Data Science & Business Analytics (CESDBA);
  • Developing innovative curricula and combined honours degrees in mathematics, statistics, and computing to be offered by the departments;
  • Where required, designing dual BSC/BTech, MSc/MTEch and Ph.D./D.Tech degrees that emphasise use of theoretical results to spin-off digital firms;
  • Facilitating appropriately named institutes of applied statistic and data sciences, applied statistics and business analytics or applied mathematical sciences in partner universities, to serve as homes for the above programmes;
  • Training designated staff of such institutes on innovative funding pathways and activities that power the institutes and constituent academic programmes;
  • Encouraging staff and students of partner universities to undertake ongoing professional training (certificates, diplomas, chartered qualifications, and PhD research), international summer schools, workshops and conferences, offered by ICRED’s International Business Analysis Academy and Institute of Data Sciences & Technologies, at discounted rates;
  • Including writing ambitious grants for multi-channel funding;
  • Using the institutes and capacities in the ICRED School of 7E Education to catalyse wider curriculum innovations in the partner universities in research, teaching, learning, assessments, consulting, and community services;
  • Coordinating a panel of world-leading disciplinary and professional experts to work with home-based university staff as visiting professors, research supervisors, and project leads in the institutes;
  • Training university staff in the art-science of effective consulting in the above disciplines coordinated by the Statistical Consulting arm of the ICRED (https://www.sigma-zconsulting);
  • Other related academic development activities which are a) offered through ICRED Schools and spin-off firms and b) demanded by partners and clients.

Additional services

The Institute will develop the following services:

  • R & D in data processing and modelling for companies in Nigeria, Africa, and globally;
  • Pools of data-proficient Virtual Assistants (VAs) and Research Assistants (RAs) with excellent customer service skills, effectively replicating the successes of Bangalore, India, in this field with Nigerians and Africans;
  • Creating opportunities for such assistants to support the activities of different Oselux digital internationalising firms e.g. Oselux Global Publishing;
  • Hence, enabling time-poor executives and individuals to automate and outsource their lives.

Other corporate services and delivery channels

The Institute will offer innovative opportunities for continuing corporate services and professional development in the above areas through:

  • Integrated business modelling and management consulting;
  • Digital marketing and business analytics;
  • Work on articles and related white papers;
  • Career-boosting resources;
  • Tools, templates and checklists in business analysis, data science/big data analytics, management consulting, and project management;
  • Webinars and training events, including international schools, conferences, seminars, and symposia;
  • ICRED’s online doctoral training centres and face-to-face contacts in partner universities;
  • Corporate training;
  • Client spotlights;
  • Industry spotlights;
  • Blogs and video library;

The centre delivers personal and corporate training through:

  • Traditional classroom contact in partner universities;
  • Virtual instructors through a) statistical consulting (, and b) dedicated websites for the centre/allied institutes in partner universities and organisations;
  • Self-paced courses and webinars.