In Oselux World Higher Education and Research Observatory 3E (Oselux Worldhero 3E for short), we democratise education globally, and uncommodify it in many ways, through cost-effective online channels.

And we do this right across the early-to-university education spectrum, through primary-secondary, and technical-university levels.

We therefore have:

  • ICRED-3E (simply ICRED): at the higher education level with
  • Dedicated ICRED-3E Academies: which provide opportunities for learners to further develop multi-lensed practical competences in the crafts of research, learning, and enterprise development;
  • 3E Professors: dedicated to teaching world renowned ICRED-3E curricula at pre-university and university levels, tackling challenging subjects through 1-1, small group, and technology-supported large-class real classroom contacts, of the kinds lacking in some traditional universities today; and
  • 3E Superb Tutors: which cascades these innovations to secondary and primary levels.

Why we democratise higher education globally

Traditional academia is too linear to deliver the kind of innovations in secondary to higher education that will fast-track the socio-economic development of countries, especially developing countries in the Global South.

It is also lamentably unaffordable in the leading institutions.

The prefix Oselux is a mutation of the Nigerian Igbo name, Oseloka, for Dr Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE, the founder of Oselux Worldhero 3E, to Oselux, the Light of God. This makes all we do spirit-led, but in an ecumenical way.

Hence, we pool related teachings from key religions into the research and enterprise development work we do; see the first ICRED School of Divinities and Philosophy of Knowledge Production.

An education for all by all

  • We are spirit-led to give at least 80% of our earnings back to society, through grants and foundations which address pressing lacks in the world in key sectors of an economy.
  • All staff and collaborators are co-owners, making ICRED a global cooperative ecosystem of change-minded knowledge workers – academics, students, graduates, professionals, with enabling movements, societies, clubs, and social causes
  • Our activities and outcomes are organised as energy-saving fractal systems, including PhD theses and MSc dissertations.

Our rallying mantra:

  • To Have All, Give All to All

The International Centre for Research and Enterprise Development (ICRED) is a university-level facet of Oselux Worldhero 3E.

It incubates radical innovations in research, teaching, learning, assessments, consulting, and community services (RETLACCS Innovations), which achieve these aims.

Using deep-seating theoretical know-how, the innovations enhance much-required entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and employability (3E) skills among academics, students and professionals.

Thus, there is an equal emphasis on:

  • deep theoretical research, teaching and learning, on the one hand, and
  • intensive real-life cross-sector applications of the results across academia, industry, and government organisations, on the other hand.

Our research and enterprise development schools

The theoretical subject-based research is taken up to PhD levels, and organised in boundary-crossing ICRED Research and Enterprise Development (RED) Schools.

See eleven such schools at the left menu of the website starting from the School of Divinities and Philosophy of Knowledge Production.

  • Our research results are corporate-academic in nature – and are always spun-off into related social enterprises, for-profit, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), digital internationalising firms, and cyber-mediated born-global firms, like Jumai, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Amazon.
  • The contributing academics and professionals are honed deeply on innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and execution mechanisms.
  • These mechanisms are driven by research on a Corporate Academic Career Self-Management Model (CA Model), developed by Dr Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE, the founder.
  • They engender 3E and enterprise development skills right from secondary schools to universities.
  • Thus, ICRED-3E training produces highly-skilled and 3E-enabled knowledge workers, who see theory in practice in every learning task they do
  • The ICRED enterprise is supported by very strong advanced mathematical, statistics, information modelling, applied computing, and business development foundations
  • We partner with globally renowned institutions, advanced research centres, academics and professionals, to developed research-based solutions to globally challenging problems.
  • We thus create leading theses, dissertations, and projects which power endless wealth and job creation globally.

The International Centre for Mathematics and Computing Sciences (ICMCS, www.icmcs.com), led by Professor G O S Ekhaguere, FAAS, a global corporate academic who combines techniques from theoretical physics, stochastic analysis, and mathematical finance, complements

ICRED’s Schools of Statistics and Information Modelling, Integrated Business Analytics and Development, Computing and Information Technologies, Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies, Global Economics, Global Business, in offering

  • the most innovative interdisciplinary PhD-level training in these fields
  • reinforced with hands-on computational modelling and applied business development work.

Innovation and dissemination pathways

The ICRED research outcomes are widely disseminated to myriad stakeholders – academics, students, professionals, senior managements of organisations, national governments, world bodies, and clients – through:

  • Annual innovation lectures themed on different research and enterprise development schools, and informed by cross-theme work, especially in the Innovation and Creativity School
  • masterclasses, conferences, seminars and workshops, roundtables, academic and professional publications, webinars, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, breakfasts, dinners, awards, academies,
  • dedicated training programmes that build requisite capacities at individual, local community, state, national, continental, and global levels,
  • ongoing strategic education and training partnerships with universities and organisations across academia, industry and government, through jointly owned centres of excellence, and
  • global consortia for research on the core technical areas represented by the different ICRED schools, consortia that enable academics and professionals to collaborate across academia, industry and government.

Our motto

Real World Research, Virtual Learning, New Learning

Our Vision

To facilitate globally affordable and radical innovations in research, teaching, life-long learning, entrepreneurship, enterprise development, employability skills, and pervasive real-life applications of disciplinary knowledge

Our mission

To achieve this, we work to epitomise the said innovations, create the most enabling ecosystem of ideas, tools, systems, technologies, North-South academia-industry-government collaborations, and deepest talent pool across these divides, with disciplinary, creating, synthesising, responsible, and ethical minds.

Of Our

Research students are entrepreneurs

of Them

have employed at least two people


Have partnered with us